The Best Meal Ever and ‘HYGGE’ at The King’s

The Best Meal Ever and ‘HYGGE’ at The King’s

It’s no secret, we’re huge fans of King’s Hotel in Chipping Campden. We’ve lived just 10 minutes from there for many years and have spent many a breakfast, lunchtime and afternoon there, having always had remarkably good service from friendly and attentive staff and lovely coffees afternoon teas, lunches and cakes. In short, The King’s in Chipping Campden is one of our all all-time favourites in the Cotswolds and anywhere.


But for one reason or another, we’d never had dinner in the restaurant… until earlier this year when we dined at The King’s and had the best meal of our lives! Now, that’s quite the statement, of course, especially considering the many, many wonderful culinary experiences we’ve had throughout the years. But here’s the thing: At any of the outstanding meals we had before this dinner at The King’s, there would have been some little thing we might have liked differently or some small part of the menu, set-up or service that we could have loved more. Not so on this evening. We both had 8 courses and some great wines, and between the two of us, we loved every single part.. and I mean we LUURVED every single part. Every single element of every single course.

Super Star Ian Percival

At the end of the evening, we met Head Chef Ian Percival, the real wizard in the kitchen at The King’s and the creator of our meal on this evening, and in keeping with this great experience, he, of course, was such a nice guy and meeting him was a super end to a super evening.

Now, do feast your eyes on this wonderful menu, skillfully put together and created by Ian and his team of super star chefs in the kitchen at The King’s, all dishes constructed and balanced perfectly, served in a completely unpretentious fashion (this matters, I’m really not one for pretentious food!) and cooked as if he had us in mind.

Thank You, Ian and all the team at The King’s x

The ‘HYGGE’ factor

Chipping Campden is one of the most iconic and picturesque towns in the Cotswolds and The King’s is one of the most popular hotels and restaurants with both locals and visitors for miles around. For quality of food and for the always outstanding service, we come back again and again, but also for the ‘HYGGE factor… I’m Danish and I can tell you right now, the restaurant at The King’s on a cold evening, with the candles lit and the lights dimmed, that’s the epitome of HYGGE right there!

A trip down memory lane

kings-chipping-campden-restaurant-cotswolds-concierge-57A truly wonderful surprise came for me towards the end of the evening in the form of poached rhubarb, gingerbread ice cream, rhubarb mousse and grenadine. The first mouthful was gingerbread ice cream which sent me straight back to my childhood Christmasses and my Grandmother’s ginger cookies, ones she only ever made for Christmas, ones I’ve never had anywhere else and the last time I had them was 12 years ago, before she fell ill and stopped her wizardry in the kitchen.

The next mouthful was the rhubarb mousse, and once more, I found myself transported to my Grandmother’s kitchen. She used to make a soft rhubarb jelly and cream. This was an everyday pudding, one we had when we visited on a weekday when I was a child and only, of course, when the rhubarbs in her garden were in season. Nobody else has ever made me this pudding and I hadn’t had it for a good 25 years.

The sensation of being transported back to two such wonderful memories on an evening out was extraordinary and wonderful. Thank You, Ian Percival, for a spectacular meal and for this unexpected stroll down memory lane.

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