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    giffords circus 2014 the thunders cotswolds

    Toti and Nell Gifford started Giffords Circus in 2000. Their vision was of a miniature village green circus, packed, rowdy, glamorous – birds and horses and motorbikes bursting from a fluttering white tent – a show for rural families, farmers and filmstars.

    The Giffords Circus company of painted wagons tour The Cotswolds and the rural Southwest England, having entertained over 250,000 people since the beginning. The circus have worked with circus artistes from all over the world, attracting some of the best names in theatre creation, including Angela de Castro, Barry Grantham, Molly Molloy (Riverdance ).

    We were blown away by the talented performers that make up Giffords Circus on stage cast on The Thunders. A special mention must go to Nancy Trotter Landry whose comic timing, brilliant acting and lovely way with the audience, is the high note that lasts throughout the entire show and that stays with you long after.

    ~Mette Poynton, Cotswolds Concierge.

    giffords circus cotswolds

    ALL OVER THE PLACE – Giffords Circus 2014 Show “The Thunders” is all over the place… in the Cotswolds and beyond, that is. In the following towns: Winchcombe, Cheltenham, Daylesford, Woodstock, Waterperry, Stadhampton, Oxford, Barrington, Frampton on Severn, Minchinhampton, Bath, Marlborough and Cirencester.

    They say “Never Work Animals” as things tend to go wrong then. Giffords Circus wouldn’t be what it is without animals. Actually it wouldn’t be what it is without the little mishaps where the animals don’t quite do as instructed; when you’re at the circus, that just adds to the authenticity and the fun.

    Giffords Circus in the Cotswolds

    giffords circus tweedy clown cotswoldsThe star of the show for the children in the audience is the brilliant Tweedy Clown. Not a traditional clown, though, if you’re looking for a label to put on him, we could say Tweedy is a contemporary vaudeville style clown, but really he is a comic genius that leaves children as well as adults in stitches with his well timed routines. We invite you to take a look at THIS CLIP of our 5-year-old, Matthew, watching Tweedy Clown.

    CIRCUS BUSINESS – The brilliant business minds behind the success that is Giffords Circus, are Toti and Nell Gifford. Read about the first 10 years in Nell Giffords new book. Buy it here.

    SHOP YOUR HEART OUT – Online on the Giffords Circus website and on the grounds when the circus is in town, you have the opportunity to stock up on the most wonderful Giffords Goodies.  Bags, cups, lollies, posters, plates, pencils, erasers and, of course, books.

    CIRCUS DE LUXE – “Circus de Luxe” is really is the best way we can describe the wonderful Giffords Circus… because it is just that. A circus with a luxurious, stylish, posh feel to it, unlike any other you’ve ever seen.


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