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    Green Shed Video High quality video production specialising in high quality, creative, video production for web, app, DVD or broadcast.

    Green Shed also assists with the video marketing strategy to present your company, market your products and services, or promote your cause in a creative, exciting and professional way. In this increasingly visual world, Green Shed offers a well-produced creative video at the heart of your marketing strategy to really engage with your audience and enhance your search engine ranking.

    little green shed video production cotswoldsNearly one third of all online activity now involves watching video and it is acknowledged that visitors to web sites stay longer when there is relevant video material to view. Green Shed will work with you to develop your whole marketing, social media and SEO strategy with high quality video content at the heart of it.

    Green Shed Video is a complete video production service from the original concept, through to production, post production and delivery.

    Throughout The Cotswolds. Tel 01386 832 755, Mob 07985 222 130.


    By Peter Barry, Managing Director of The Little Green Shed.

    Video Production in the Cotswolds

    The Little Green Shed is Creative Video Production in the Cotswolds. We’re a local video production company based in Worcestershire on the edge of the Cotswolds where I have lived for most of my life.

    The Cotswolds has a very special place in my heart. I was married in Chipping Campden and my kids went to school there. It is such a beautiful and picturesque area and there is such a diversity of talent and expertise here.  I have worked all over the world making videos but now I am eager to work with like minded creative people right here in the heart of the country.

    Video is brilliant for telling peoples’ stories and really humanising the face of business. For example it is great for marketing the beautiful country hotels we have in this area and nothing quite brings them to life like the power of the moving image. I am sure there are a whole host of businesses in our area with great stories to tell and I think really well made videos would give them a whole new dimension in reaching their customers, locally nationally and in some cases, internationally.

    However, it’s vital to use video wisely as part of the whole range of marketing strategies fully embracing social media and we like to work in collaboration with you to achieve the best results.

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