• cotswold handmade soaps cotswoldsCOTSWOLD HANDMADE SOAPS – Artisan soap- and candle products produced using minimal, recyclable packaging, available online and at Farmers- and Craft Markets as well as wholesale to hotels and B&B's.

    All soaps are made from vegetable oils and give a good lather, they do not break up like many vegetable based soaps, no artificial colourings or preservatives are added. 

    Cotswolds Handmade Soaps have a core range of soaps but also make seasonal variations and have many popular lines like Orange and Cinnamon for the winter and floral soaps for the summer. Their Goat’s milk, Oatmeal and Orange soap is fantastic for dry skin and for people with skin problems.

    ORDER ONLINE: www.CotswoldHandmadeSoap.co.uk

    sock solutions online shopSOCK SOLUTIONS – Sock Solutions, a lovely Cotswolds based online shop, evolved from a tiny business started in 2005, selling socks on the Charity Fair circuit, into the large online business it is today with a vast selection of short and knee-high socks, bed socks, slippers, tights and leggings.

    Broadway based Sock Solutions have developed their own range of socks which include the Pick & Mix, Narrow Stripes, Weekender, Tip Top and the extremely popular Riding Socks. They offer a wide selection of quality brands Falke and Pantherella.

    ORDER LINE 0333 600 6633 or email info@socksolutions.co.uk.         www.SockSolutions.co.uk