• Project Active ∙ Where fitness meets adventure in the Cotswolds

    Escape the ordinary and discover the Cotswolds in a whole new light with Project Active. Hike through rolling hills and picture-perfect villages, feeling the invigorating breeze on your face and the soft earth beneath your boots. Glide across the glassy surface of lakes or rivers on a paddleboard, taking in the breathtaking scenery from a unique perspective. Weave through charming Cotswold lanes on a cycling adventure, the wind whipping through your hair as you conquer challenging climbs and coast down idyllic country roads.


    Reclaim Your Active Lifestyle with Project Active in Oxfordshire

    Project Active is the Cotswolds’ premier provider of outdoor fitness experiences. They turn exploration into exercise, transforming the Cotswolds from a beautiful backdrop into your personal fitness playground.



    Project Active offers a refreshing alternative, taking you off the beaten track and into the stunning landscapes of Oxfordshire and beyond. Imagine invigorating hikes through all the outstanding natural beauty of the Cotswolds, exhilarating kayaking trips on the River Thames, or heart-pumping mountain biking adventures through ancient woodlands.


    Tailored adventures for all levels

    Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a complete beginner, Project Active caters to all fitness levels. Their experienced and qualified instructors create personalised programs that challenge you while ensuring you feel supported and motivated.



    Discover the hidden gems of Oxfordshire

    Project Active isn’t just about exercise – it’s about exploration. Their expertly curated itineraries take you to the most breathtaking corners of Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. Explore hidden waterfalls, navigate charming villages, and witness breathtaking sunsets from panoramic viewpoints – all while getting a fantastic workout.


    More than fitness, a community

    Project Active fosters a supportive and welcoming community. Their small group sessions allow you to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for outdoor fitness and adventure.



    Ready to re-imagine fitness?

    Click project-active.co.uk to explore their exciting range of programs and discover the perfect adventure to reignite your fitness journey.

    Woodstock, Oxfordshire, UK

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