• HUDSON’S HOME & ANTIQUES: Fabulous Shopping Destination

    On a wet and windy day we arrive at HUDSON’S Home & Antiques near Stratford-upon-Avon just north of the Cotswolds. We were here for shopping and for lunch, this was our first time lunching in the cafe. We’d been for coffees and cakes before, which was always delicious and super cosy, so we were really looking forward to lunch.



    But First, We Shop.

    We dare anyone to walk through HUDSON’S Home & Antiques and not fancy bringing home anything.  There is So. Much. Stuff. At every turn, in every shop-in-shop, with very independent antiques dealer, the common denominator is style, interesting items and quality. It’s just plain fabulous and there is something for every person, every style.

    The various shops-in-the-shop and independent dealers at HUDSON’S Home & Antiques has everything from handcrafted furniture to vintage pots, luxurious candles made in house, original hand woven throws weaved in Britain, clothing, antiques, home wares and furniture.



    Then, We Lunch.

    Lunch at the cafe in HUDSON’S was absolutely delicious and the cafe is a beautiful space created for visitors to enjoy a culinary experience when out shopping. We had the most delicious poached egg dish, followed (of course) by a scrummy piece of cake and a coffee.



    “There is no place like HUDSON’S in all of the Cotswolds and far beyond. For a trip on your own, for shopping with your friends, for a date with your loved one… this is a gem that you should put on your “to-go list” again and again. We’ll see you there”.

    Mette ♡

    Visit HUDSON’S Home & Antiques near Stratford-upon-Avon.