• Comedy Club 4 Kids

    Part of the Comedy Hullabaloo festival in Stratford-upon-Avon each year in May, is Comedy Club 4 Kids where comedians do a comedy set for kids aged 6 and over. It’s basically “clean” and child-friendly comedy, no rude words or inappropriate subject matters, just fab fun for kids.

    We went with Matthew and Noelle (6, nearly 7) and it was fantastic!! Both kids had an absolute blast, belly-laughing for a whole hour and getting that exact same wonderful comedy experience adults get where you cry with laughter till it almost hurts… FAB-U-LOUS!

    And not just fabulous for the kids, it was just as fabulous for us to see our kids having such a fantastic time.. nothing makes us laugh more than seeing our kids laugh and have a super time.

    We’re definitely going back in May next year.. to Comedy Club 4 Kids, for sure, but also to see one or two of the amazing headline acts of comedy Hullabaloo.