• The Best Giffords Circus… Ever!

    A few weeks back we went to see this year’s Giffords Circus Show, The Painted Wagon. We LOVED it!

    For the 5th year in a row, the show was directed by super talented stage director Cal McCrystal and as it does every year, included a beautiful and exciting cocktail of horses, jugglers, acrobats and much more.

    Comic genius, Tweedy the Clown (and his trusted friend, Keith the Iron), once more entertained and made the tent howl with laughter throughout the show. Tweedy is one of our very best entertainers in the Cotswolds, he truly has the gift of entertaining on many different levels, so small children, teenagers and adults all enjoy his antics. Tweedy was, once again, the stand-out star of the show.

    As it is every year, the show was fun, fabulous, action packed and full of the most amazing stunts and acrobatics. But the musical element this year – Giffords Circus had gone all Country & Western – was what totally made it for us! The Dodge City Orchestra, fronted by dreamy crooner, ‘Handsome Eddie’. Alongside the band, ‘Sarsaparilla Sal’ provided the musical backdrop for this year’s incredible show. And. It. Was. Awesome.

    Giffords Circus is a circus for all ages and definitely the prettiest, poshest, most fabulous circus… ever!