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    Whichford Pottery Seconds Sale

    I’m not sure why I’ve never been to Whichford Pottery before today. I’ve driven past on my way to Chipping Norton many, many times, I’ve seen their beautiful wares on social media, I’ve heard of The Straw Kitchen, their lovely café, from friends, but somehow I’ve never been… until today!


    Wonderful Pots and Pottery

    My lovely friend, Susie, suggested we meet there for lunch and a catch-up, I happily agreed and off I went, expecting a cute little shop of pots and a little café. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong, of course, because Whichford Pottery is so much more than that. It’s a destination! I’ve never seen so many pots and so much beautiful pottery in one place.


    The Scrummy Straw Kitchen

    But before we shopped our hearts out, we went into The Straw Kitchen, the on-site café where the  most scrumptious brunches and lunches are served alongside steaming teas and coffees and mountains of homemade cakes. And it is all kinds of lovely – run by passionate, wonderful servers and chefs who use only the very best produce to make only the very best dishes for their customers. The soup we had today was utterly delicious, the bacon sandwich was fab-u-lous!


    The Annual 3-day ‘Seconds Sale’

    And as if all the lovely wasn’t enough, today was Day 1 of their 3-day ‘Seconds Sale’, an annual event where all their seconds are sold at half price or less. Well, this just meant we could leave with twice as many lovely pots – a real win-win. And definitely one too good not to share, so get yourself down to Whichford Pottery Friday the 16th of Match to Sunday the 18th of March, 10am to 4pm…. You’re Welcome!