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    Afternoon Tea with a Bunny on Top

    Just back from enjoying a wonderful, delicious and rather girly afternoon tea at The Lygon Arms. Well, the actual afternoon tea wasn’t girly, the company was, as my daughter and I each went with one of our besties, who just so happen to be mother and daughter also.


    Peter Rabbit Afternoon Tea

    The afternoon tea was the loveliest… it was the very special “Peter Rabbit Afternoon Tea” and what a treat for the girls. The traditional afternoon tea on the two bottom layers, but on the top was a little garden of delights in the form of rabbits, bunny ears, hedgehogs, foxes and Easter egg baskets.


    One of our favourite places

    While the girls were enjoying the sweet treats of Peter Rabbit, we had the utterly delicious traditional Afternoon Tea and as with everything that comes out of the kitchen at The Lygon, it was just perfect. Lovely sandwiches on the bottom tier, perfect scones, clotted creams and jam on the middle tier, and the sweetest treats saved for last on the top tier. Just another heavenly afternoon spent at The Lygon Arms, one of our favourite places where we just keep coming back again and again.


    Cream first or jam first?

    The scones in the afternoon tea were pure perfection and this lead, of course, to one of us asking the age-old question: Jam or cream first? Well, the girls decided it would have to be determined on taste, so a blind taste test was created and carried out. Well, you heard it here first: Jam first!


    Peter Rabbit the Movie

    Tomorrow we’re going to see “Peter Rabbit” the movie and we can’t wait. We will, no doubt, sit in the darkness of the cinema with a smile on our faces, remembering yesterday’s wonderful afternoon tea with bunnies on top.