• Mary Ardens Farm

    Mary Arden's Farm, Wilmcote, United Kingdom

    Step back in time for all the sights, smells and sounds of a real Tudor farm. Explore the house where Shakespeare’s mother, Mary Arden, grew up and experience for yourself the daily routine, skills and crafts the young William would have known from visits to his grandparents in the 1570s.

    Mary Arden’s Farm is home to a number of rare breed animals who roam the grounds.

    The farm is open daily from the 18th of March to the 3rd of November, 10am-5pm. Single tickets or tickets to all of the Shakespeare Birth Trust locations are available. Children aged 5 and under go free.

    Mary Ardens Farm

    PLENTY TO LEARN – Mary Arden’s Farm is truly fun for the entire family. Walking through the houses, there’s plenty to learn about old times and how things used to work on a farm.

    And walking through the gardens and around the many animals, most of which are happy to be stroked and nuzzled, information on breeds and how animals were used and cared for is on offer.

    GET CLOSE TO THE ANIMALS – Children always love a farm or animal experience where it’s possible to get so close enough to the animals to touch. At Mary Arden’s Farm, there are goats and cows, among others, that are happy to be touched and stroked by the visitors.

    Mary Arden’s Farm is full of great interactive activities for young and old. You can help with tasks like skep-making and basket- weaving and ‘earn your keep’ at Palmer’s Farm with traditional chores such as threshing, bread-making, gardening and animal-tending.vYou can have a go at real old fashioned archery (only in school- and bank holidays) and the daily falconry displays are always an exciting event.

    See their rare breed animals roam the grounds and explore the nature trails discovering abundant wildlife including woodpeckers, rabbits and deer along the way.

    Mary Arden’s Farm is a working farm that keeps pace with the seasons, and with a programme of Tudor events and free repeat visits there is always something new to see and do and plenty reasons to visit time and time again. Look out for the daily activity boards during your visit.

    PICNIC OUTSIDE – There’s a cafe at Mary Arden’s Farm for those colder days, but when the sun is shining, you’re invited to eat your food (from there or from home) outside on the lawn, right there in the middle of it all.

    GOOD OLD FASHIONED PLAY TIME – A brand new playground has been built in the grounds by the farm and it’s what you’d call “good old fashioned” in the best way! All wooden carved animals that encourages children’s imagination, swings, slides and even a horse drawn carriage.

    When we go, our kids are so happy going back again and again to have a nice play.

    EXPERIENCE LIFE THE ELIZABETHAN WAY – Experience the Elizabethan way of life and interact with the daily domestic routine of a working farm. Watch the farmer’s wife cook her home-grown food in the farmhouse kitchen. Enjoy authentic Tudor entertainment with musicians and dancers setting the scene for high days and holidays and learn Tudor table manners as the household prepares for meal time.

    MORE SHAKESPEARE – It is worth considering to pay a bit more for your ticket and getting access to more or all of the Shakespeare Birth Trusts houses and attractions like his Birthplace and Anne Hathaways Cottage. See their website for details.

    Mary Arden's Farm, Wilmcote, United Kingdom

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