• THE LUXURY TOUR SERVICE. As The Cotswold Tour Guide I have been providing discerning clients with Luxury Tours across The Cotswolds and beyond since 2011. I have built up an enviable reputation in this time as a professional tour guide. Nowhere is this more evident than in the many happy customers who write to me about how pleased they were with the luxury service I delivered.

    “Dear David. Thank you for all the great care you have taken of my mother May. Be great. Yours sincerely.”

    ~ Pierce Brosnan

    The Cotswold Tour Guide offers you the opportunity of combining a luxury car, an expert guide and a bespoke itinerary.

    1. Your Luxury Car will be a BMW X5.
    2. Your Expert Guide will be David, who owns the business
    3. Your Bespoke Itinerary.
    Long before your Cotswold Driving Tour starts I will create a Bespoke Itinerary for you that incorporates what you would like to see and where you would like to go. It can also include stops for a refreshing morning coffee, a cosy English pub lunch and a smart Afternoon Tea.

    This is how I will create your itinerary:-
    1. You send me details of
    • The dates you require me
    • Which hotel(s) you have booked. I have listed the hotels I work with to give you an idea of the types of place you can stay in.
    • The places you would like to visit, such as: gardens, villages, countryside, great houses, churches, museums or anything else you would like to see. I have listed the places I visit regularly to give you an idea about where we can go during your tour.
    2. I will then create a Bespoke Luxury Tour of the Cotswolds that weaves together your requirements in such a way as to optimise your time at each location. This itinerary will include a map of the route we will take on each day booked. I will send you a PDF version of the itinerary. Please note, although we get most frequent requests for The Cotswolds, we can offer Luxury Tours across England as well.
    3. You will then review it and e-mail me with your ideas about how I can refine it.
    4. And finally I will refine it and re-issue to you, so that we are all set for when you arrive. One of my clients asked me to arrange a Downton Abbey style picnic lunch, which I did in conjunction with a high-end local hotel that I work with. I became Carson for the duration and they had a wonderful time! So whatever takes your fancy, just ask me and I will arrange it for you.



    The 6 Reasons to use The Cotswold Tour Guide, set out below, are my guarantee that I am committed to providing you with an unrivalled level of service…
    1. Bespoke & Friendly Service
    Your booking is personally managed by David, who owns The Cotswold Tour Guide. He will
    create a bespoke itinerary for you and be your tour guide on the day.
    2. Professional Tour Guide
    My experience covers many areas of the Cotswolds and beyond. I will provide a professional and attentive service, ensuring that all your requirements as set out in your bespoke itinerary are met.
    3. Pristine Luxury Cars
    My BMW X5 is in immaculate condition both inside and out. It is maintained by Cotswold BMW.
    4. Highly Recommended and Trusted
    By the well-known and not so well-known alike, as seen on my Testimonial page.
    5. Flexible Payments
    The Cotswold Tour Guide can accept payment by bank transfer, credit card and cash.
    6. Cotswolds Based
    This means that:-
    • I have an excellent knowledge of the area for Luxury Cotswold Tours
    • I work with many local hotels and attractions to deliver a highly personalised service


    My Luxury BMW X5

    The BMW X5 becomes your personal Touring vehicle when you engage our services. Whatever the occasion the BMW X5 combines exceptional luxury and equipment levels with reassuring four-wheel-drive, for when conditions demand. And when it arrives you will know it is your car because of its personalised plate: LUX 493

    The car has the following luxury features, so that you can optimise your tour experience:-
    • Full WiFi capability via a professional retro-fitted system that facilitates:-
    • Streaming film & television during the journey via the car’s 2 iPads
    • Access to Amazon Prime & Netflix via the car’s 2 iPads
    • Linking your phone, tablet and laptop to the web
    • 2 iPads with holders that allow access to all the functionality of those devices
    • For example: TV, films, Google & Google Maps
    • For Luxury Tours, Google & Google Maps allow you to view your progress and research information about the places you are visiting
    • USB charging points for your phone, laptop and tablet
    • Digital Radio, so you can hear all radio stations available in the UK
    • Satellite Navigation from BMW & Tom Tom, to guarantee an efficient route

    Cotswolds, UK

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