• The first ever Cotswolds Huddle was held in June of 2013 and since then we’ve Huddled in the Cotswolds 6-8 times a year and it’s been fabulous!

    But in 2020 we were changing things. 2020 was going to be the year The Cotswolds Huddles went up another gear. There was going to be only three each year, but those three were going to be EXTRAORDINARY and SPECTACULAR.

    For the first one, which was planned for June at The Lygon Arms in Broadway, there was going to be a FASHION SHOW, a MARKET for local products and produce, a BOOK SIGNING, your DOGS would have been invited, there was a HAPPY HOUR and much, much more.

    The NEW 2020 COTSWOLDS HUDDLES was going to be the BEST EVER!

    But then……. it was not to be! At least not yet. We will go ahead with the planning of these NEW SPECTACULAR COTSWOLDS HUDDLES when we are once more allowed to gather in large groups.

    Until then, THE NEW WAY TO HUDDLE is this:

    We will continue virtually what we used to do personally at the huddles, which is to CREATE INTRODUCTIONS, only on emails rather than in person.

    If you’re not yet on our HUDDLE MAILING LIST, drop us a line on mette@cotswoldsconcierge.co.uk.

    If you would like to be introduced or meet someone, drop us a line and we’ll make the introduction.

    If you’re on Facebook, join our private Cotswolds Huddle Facebook Group.

    Mette ♡

    The June 2017 Huddle

    These pictures are from the wonderful huddle we had in June 2017 at beautiful Cowley Manor where the sun was shining and we enjoyed delicious food, lovely bubbly and fantastic networking.


    The May 2017 Huddle

    These pictures are from the fab and fun huddle in May 2017 at Ian Coley Shooting where we got rather competitive and had a super time on this sunny day in May.

    Let’s Huddle…….. once a month we invite Cotswolds businesses to meet up for a couple of hours to network and chat with their fellow Cotswolds peeps at the Cotswolds Huddle. 

    THE FRIENDLIEST NETWORKING EVENT IN THE COTSWOLDS – That’s quite the statement, we hear you say! Well, yes… but it is in fact the friendliest networking event in The Cotswolds (we hear this from those attending all the time), so we decided we might as well shout it from the rooftops! 

    THE BEGINNING – In June 2013 we decided we really wanted to meet all the amazing Cotswolds businesses we were chatting to on Twitter. So we put it out there.. we needed a venue. The King’s Hotel in Chipping Campden volunteered straight away and the #CotswoldsTweetMeet was born.

    17 people came to the first event. We had such a nice time and we all went on Twitter to tell everyone about it.. the next month the number doubled and since then, the #CotswoldsTweetMeet very quickly grew in popularity. More than 500 businesses and people from The Cotswolds have attended and these days we average 70-80 fab and happy people who join us each month in a new venue each time.. and most keep coming back again and again.

    A selection of super pictures from our Huddles


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