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    A nice family fight on our #SummerOf17

    Today on our #SummerOf17 Staycation in the Cotswolds I did something crazy. I enrolled the kids in a class where a professional was going to teach them to fight.. with each other! What?! No, no, I haven’t suddenly gone mad, this was actually a super-fun day-class at the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon where kids and their parents could come to learn stage-fighting… and. it. was. FUN!


    Safe slaps and punches

    Tom and Tom, our teachers in this class, were great. They explained the ins and outs of safe slaps, punches, falls, strangling and hair-pulling on stage, they showed us what this looked like on stage and then they taught us how to do it, on each other!

    Punch, fall, laugh, repeat

    At no point did I ever think I would be rolling around on the floor with my daughter in a stranglehold, that my son would be slapping me in the face or that I would be punching both my kids so they fell on the floor, but I did that today… and it was fabulous! We laughed and laughed and had such a great time.

    Sign up to the RSC’s mailing list to get information on their many super offers for kids at the theatre, that’s how we heard of this class.