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    Delicious Afternoon Tea at Cowley Manor

    It’s no secret, we love a good afternoon tea. And we especially love it when every single component is lovingly prepared, put together and carefully selected to create a delicious experience. And if this delightful experience is then presented in a pretty package and served with great attention to detail, then that would simply be perfection and we could never ask for more… well, such an afternoon was the one we just enjoyed at one of our all-time favourite places, stunning Cowley Manor near Cheltenham in the Cotswolds.


    A 3-tiered feast of deliciousness

    Head Chef at Cowley Manor, David Kelman of “Great British Menu” fame, was the man behind this 3-tiered feast of sweet and savoury deliciousness. We started, as is customary, at the bottom tier with finger sandwiches. One with cucumber and a wonderful tomato chutney, one with egg & mayonnaise, one with ham & mustard and the star of the show (in my humble opinion) was the one with cooked smoked salmon and cream cheese – when I next come for lunch at Cowley Manor, I’ll be requesting this on a full lunch-sized sandwich, it was fabulous.

    The middle tier was lovely warm scones, clotted cream and a raspberry jam and the top was a selection of sweet delights. This afternoon tea was truly the full package.


    Afternoon Tea with Dinosaurs

    We were offered the choice of enjoying our afternoon tea in the restaurant, in the bar or in the lounge. We opted for the cosy bar and the table right next to the lovely fire. Well, actually the kids decided it would be much more fun to have their very own table as they also wanted to invite their LEGO dinosaurs to take part in the feast, and as the lovely waiters were only too happy to accommodate this request, kids and dinosaurs were swiftly moved.


    A great welcome for families

    Going out in the Cotswolds as a family is so great, especially when you come to a place where children are truly made to feel welcome, and at Cowley Manor families are invited in with open arms. From the general attitude in all members of staff and the way special requests are handled, to the great outdoor spaces and the games and fun made available to kids, we couldn’t ask for a better welcome as a family than the one we always receive at Cowley Manor.


    Snowdrops and first class service

    After our afternoon tea, we had the pleasure of meeting Chef David Kelman. He was great with the kids, who told him all about their dino afternoon tea, and we enjoyed hearing about his plans for the MALT restaurant at Cowley Manor. And before we left, we just had to go for a walk in the beautiful hotel garden which was full of snowdrops – what a treat. As always, we had a fantastic time at Cowley Manor where service is first class and the welcome is always warm and friendly. We can’t wait to come back.