• Giffords Circus 2016

    Giffords Circus


    A whip-crackin’ horse-wranglin’ Hell-raisin’ Giffords Circus show. Featuring the Giffords Circus gang: cowgirl Lilian Konyot, Madame Nancy Trotter-Landry, rodeo rider Dan Fortt, jugglers Bibi and Bichu, El Gifford (STILL WANTED) and funny man Tweedy the clown.

    Giffords CircusA wild west extravaganza of eye-catching acrobatics and aerialists from far and distant lands, dancing horses, bounty hunting, and gold panning all to the beat of the “Dodge City” Giffords Circus saloon band.

    Circus in the Cotswolds and London

    The tour opens on Friday 13th May and runs throughout the Cotswolds and London until Sunday 25th September.

    For a full list of grounds, dates and times, please visit the website www.giffordscircus.com To book tickets ring 0845 459 7469.

    Giffords Circus