• A beautiful dining experience

    On this dark and cosy October evening, we settled in for a lovely dinner at the beautiful restaurant at Cowley Manor. Head Chef David Kelman’s new autumn menu was beautiful too. Full of warm autumn hugs in fine dining form, like roast tomato soup, baked cauliflower, honey baked carrots, slow roasted pork belly and game pie. Robin chose the pork belly, it was absolutely delicious. I chose the game pie, it was like a big autumn hug in a pie.


    Let’s talk more about that pie

    You know when you’re in a restaurant.. you’ve ordered what you thought would be the very best dish to suit your particular culinary mood.. you wait.. your food is placed in front of you.. you dig in………. and then, your hopes for the dish are more than met, as it turns out to be so delicius, so mouthwatering, it makes you so happy. That is exactly what happened to me last night.

    As I looked over the wonderful menu, I realised that I was in a pie kind of mood. So I ordered the game pie with parsnip potato mash, red cabbage and game jus, and it was one of the very best pies I have ever had. The parsnip potato mash was smooth and light and the red cabbage was like my grandmother back in Denmark used to make it (you’ll never know, of course, but that’s a compliment like no other!). The game jus was incredibly flavourful and balanced perfectly to accompany the hero of the dish: Ahhhh, that pie!

    The game pie was unbelievably delicious. It was just the right amount of “gamey”, if that makes sense. The meat was tender, the pie crust was thin and just right. I would go back to Cowley Manor and eat that game pie again and again… definitely one I won’t forget any time soon.



    A beautiful menu

    But enough about the pie. All the food we had last night was amazing. Robin had the slow roasted pork belly and it was delicious too. For dessert, he had the sticky toffee pudding, the perfect autumn pud… and this really was perfect, scrummy and sticky. My dessert choice was the ‘Blonde Bombshell’, a completely fabulous sweet dish consisting of a white chocolate sphere aand orange parfait with orange jelly, orange puree, orange shortbread and a warm orange vodka & white chocolate anglaise.

    As it should do, dessert finished off our dining experience beautifully.



    Autumn inside

    Beautiful Cowley Manor has always been one of my all-time favourite hotels. We’ve been there so many times and always had the best times, the best service, the best food… the best everything. But for all the “bests”, the reason it’s one of my favourites, is for the atmosphere. I always get a warm and fuzzy feeling at Cowley Manor. It’s like the scene is always set to perfectly suit my mood and last night was no different.

    As we walked through the doors, we were met by all the beautiful new autumn colours throughout the hotel. Dark reds, various burnt oranges, deep purples… it was like stepping into autumn.



    A starlit dinner

    The dining room at Cowley Manor is beautiful in itself, but what makes it is the wonderful, warm sphere lights that fill the ceiling. These lights always make me feel like I’m having dinner under the stars, they set the scene for a romantic moment indeed.



    A beautiful experience

    Dinner at Cowley Manor last night was truly a beautiful experience. The food, the service, the feel and the atmosphere… Cowley Manor is a thing of great beauty, inside and out.