• A Really Delicious Frozen Dinner… by Seven Mile.

    “As I write ‘Really Delicious’, I realise that actually doesn’t quite cover it… it was ‘Completely Amazing and Mouthwateringly Delicious’. And I write ‘Dinner’, but really I mean ‘Feast’! Of course that would have made the headline a bit of a mouthful, but our dinner from Seven Mile really was A Completely Amazing and Mouthwateringly Delicious Feast“. Mette ♡‬


    Socially Distanced Frozen Meals

    Seven Mile Cookery & Events have transformed their business during lockdown from social events, festivals and supper clubs to socially distanced frozen meal delivery. The hearty, nutritious food normally served at Seven Mile’s dinner parties, weddings and corporate environments, now available right in the comfort of homes in the Cotswolds (Worcestershire, Warwickshire and parts of Oxfordshire).

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    A Piping Hot Feast

    “We had our dinner delivered frozen in oven proof boxes with easy heating instructions around midday on Saturday. I popped them back in the freezer, as instructions said to cook from frozen, and when it was time to think about dinner, I heated the oven to 170, which they all needed to cook at, and 45 minutes I had a piping hot feast ready with an absolute mininum of faf and effort.

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    A Meal For Five… Plus Leftovers

    We had a £22 meal for the five of us in three mains, three sides and a pudding… and there was still food left for a leftover feast for lunch the next day. Really great value. We just added garlic bread (the kids LOVE that) and some fruit and yoghurt accompanying the pudding.

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    Nothing Like Frozen Supermarket Dinners

    Our dinner was a mixed bag that went beautifully together and gave all of us a taster of the mastery of Seven Mile cook, Jake. We had a Thai Green Curry, Lamb Rogan Josh and Lasagne for mains, Red Cabbage and Cauliflower Cheese for sides, and Sticky Toffee Pudding as the sweet treat for dessert. Each and dish was absolutely nothing like the frozen meals you can buy in supermarkets. Nothing like it. It was very clearly expertly and lovingly prepared from the best fresh produce. It was like the dishes one would expect in nice restaurants… only I had just heated it up in my own kitchen 45 minutes earlier. It was all A Completely Amazing and Mouthwateringly Delicious Feast. Mette ♡‬

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    Seven Mile Supper Club

    Also, check out our experience with the Awesome Autumn at the Seven Mile Supper Club HERE. We’re hoping Seven Mile Supper Clubs can come back again after lockdown… when they do, we’ll be there again for sure.