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    Giffords Circus… just gets better and better.

    Just back from this afternoon’s performance of Gifford Circus’ 2017 show, “Any Port in a Storm” and it was wonderful.

    It was as wonderful as it is every year when we know we’re going, we’re excited about going and we’re looking forward to an experience that we just know will be wonderful and full of “Oohhh”s and “Aahhh”s and belly-laughs.


    Any Port in a Storm

    In “Any Port in a Storm” Giffords Circus is transformed to the Spanish court of the 17th Century, with lavish costumes and paintings setting the scene for an impressive gymnastics show, dancing horses, exotic castanet dancers, unruly chickens (obviously!) and, of course, super-star clown, Tweedy, who once more is the funny-glue that keep the entire show together with his perfect comedic timing and family-friendly style.


    The Tweedy Fan Club

    There’s no reason to beat about the bush on this: Tweedy the Clown is our all-time favourite clown! His style is for all ages, every year he (with his trusted friend, Keith the iron, by his side) stays the same while still managing to develop his jokes, his gags and his style to another even funnier, cleverer level.



    My favourite video-memory

    Tweedy the Clown has given me one of my most favourite video memories of my son Matthew when he, at the performance 3 years ago in 2014, belly-laughed until he almost cried at the antics of Tweedy and Keith. Happy to share the clip of Matthew here:



    Every year in May we look forward to spending a couple of hours in the company of Nell Gifford and her circus troupe. It has become the start of summer for us, and so it is fitting that this post about “Any Port in a Storm” is this year’s first #SummerOf17 post for us. This year we will once more go on a summer “Staycation” in the Cotswolds and experience some of the fantastic things to do and places to go right here at home, and a circus experience like no other is a very fitting 1st for this year.

    Place Giffords Circus’ “Any Port in a Storm” on your list of things to do in the Cotswolds this summer. Book directly on www.giffordscircus.com and these are the dates and places to go: