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    Blenheim Palace, a real ‘must visit’ for us

    We have some wonderful attractions in the Cotswolds, but none bigger, more awe-inspiring or historically important than Blenheim Palace, so this was, of course, on the ‘must visit’ list on our #SummerOf17 Staycation in the Cotswolds.


    Size matters (in cake and palaces)

    The grounds, the palace, the garden at Blenheim Palace… everything is vast in size, so by the time we had parked up and walked to the palace, it was time for a drink, cake and a sit-down! Okay, it could have something to do to with the fact that we had just had a long drive to get to Woodstock or that we had already been on another little adventure in the Cotswolds in the morning, but whatever the reason, we knew as soon as we stepped into the well-stocked cafe that this was the perfect place to have a sit-down, a coffee and a nice piece of cake. And it was just that.


    Off to the palace

    From the cafe to the palace (another nice walk where we got to take in the beauty and the incredible views of the palace from the outside), it was time to experience the current home of the 12th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough and the once birthplace and childhood home of Sir Winston Churchill.


    Wonderful treasures

    Blenheim Palace is described as a masterpiece of 18th century baroque architecture. It is home to a number of the finest antique collections in the World, a great number of interesting and important portraits, tapestries and the most exquisite furniture. We walked among these wonderful treasures and then we learned about 300 years of history. And we really enjoyed it.


    Learning something new

    Last time we visited Blenheim Palace with Matthew and Noelle, they were 5 and didn’t get a whole lot out of the indoor part of the outing. But now they are 9 and it was an entirely different experience. They were both interested, asked questions, studies the portraits and the furniture, the framed pictures and the many rooms. They were mesmerized by it all and came away from the tour of the palace informed and excited to have learnt something new.


    Wonderful park and gardens

    From the inside of the palace to the wonderful garden outside. Blenheim Palace sits in more than 2000 acres of parkland once landscaped by none other than  ‘Capability Brown’. We loved our walk and play in the gardens, by the lake and the terraces. When you leave Blenheim Palace, you exit through the gift shop. Well, to just call it a ‘gift shop’ just doesn’t cut it. It is, quite simply, the mother of all gift shops.


    We’ll be back again and again

    By the end of this visit, we had not even experienced everything there was to experience. We missed a ride on the miniature train, the giant hedge maze, the butterfly house and the adventure playground. But luckily your entry pass to Blenheim Palace gives you the chance to come back again for a whole year, so we will come back again and again and make sure that we’ve seen and experienced it all at least once by the end of the year.