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    Educational fun at Cogges Manor Farm

    Cogges Manor Farm in Witney is 15 acres of rural fun. A working farm owned by knights, kings farmers and merchants at various times since the 13th century, was opened up to the public to offer a real view of farm life. With a beautiful walled garded and orchard, moated islands and river Windrush walk being the backdrop of the farm and the manor, Cogges Manor Farm is a wonderful attraction in the Cotswolds.

    A great place to learn

    Home to some of the most traditional farm animals like sheep, chickens and pigs, Cogges Manor Farm provide a super place for kids and adults alike to learn about the history and to experience farm life. We went on our #SummerOf17 Staycation in the Cotswolds and we had a great afternoon.

    Fun feeding time

    Noelle and Matthew, both 9, loved the animal experiences especially. They jumped at the opportunity to go through the farm with little pots of feed for the animals and went straight for the goats as soon as they laid eyes on them. From goats to chickens and ducks, then the pigs and the pretty ginger farm cat. Such good fun.

    Downton Abbey at Cogges Manor Farm

    The manor house is furnished as it would have been in the Victorian era to show the visitors life inside. I was particularly excited to find that the manor house kitchen and grounds were the set of Yew Tree Farm, home to the Drewe family (where Lady Edith’s child is brought up) in Downton Abbey.

    A lovely cafe and gift shop

    When you first enter Cogges Manor Farm, you enter through a really lovely gift shop, full of nice toys, produce and Cogges gifts. And the perfect finish to our afternoon at Cogges Manor Farm was the really lovely cafe with cakes, crisps, hot and cold drinks and seating both inside and out. Lovely.