• Road Trip in the Cotswolds ~ Part II

    On one of the only sunny days in May we did another super 6-hour road trip in the Cotswolds. We were excited to see a bit of sunshine and go exploring in our favourite part of the whole world, our Cotswold backyard.

    We went to Painswick ~ The Malthouse Collective ~ Stroud ~ Minchinhampton ~ Tetbury ~ Barrow Wake Viewpoint.

    ^^ On our way from Painswick to Stroud we drove over Minchinhampton Common where cows live and cars are allowed to drive through veeeery slowly. The common has some of the most beautiful views in the Cotswolds. ^^ 



    The first stop on our second road trip in the Cotswolds on our Summer of 2021 Staycation, was beautiful Painswick in the South. This lovely Cotswold town is a quiet one, and while there are a couple of really nice pubs, cafes, and a hotel here that are super to visit for a meal or a refreshment, it isn’t a “touristy” place, it is mostly a town to walk through, enjoy, and take in the outstanding natural beauty of the surroundings.

    ^^ This is the unrivalled view of Painswick, often reffered to as The Queen of the Cotswolds, and the the surrounding hills and landscape. ^^ 


    The Malthouse Collective

    On our way from Painswick to Stroud, we passed The Malthouse Collective and decided to check it out. It’s a spectacular antiques emporium brimming with the most amazing things to buy from 80+ antiques dealers and makers, a diverse collection of new and old and truly an inspiring shopping experience in the South Cotswolds. See for yourself here:


    Brick & Brew at The Malthouse Collective

    We shopped our hearts out, then it was time for a coffee. The Malthouse Collective has a really nice cafe, Brick & Brew, where you can have coffee, tea, cake, and lunch. As the sun was shining, we enjoyed their outdoor seating area with a view of the emporium. A really lovely cafe.


    Minchinhampton Common

    On the road from Painswick to Stroud, you pass Minchinhampton Common, one of our most favourite places to drive as something exciting always happens here. The views from the common are spectacular, the common is a golf course, so there are often golfers on both sides of the road, and the best bit, is that the common is home to small herd of cows. Yes, you read that right! When you drive through Minchinhampton Common, drive slowly, mind the cows, and just take it all in… it’s completely fabulous!



    Minchinhampton is a very pretty, tiny Cotswold village with a couple of shops and a couple of pubs. It’s a lovely place to stop, even just for a stroll if you’re not visiting one of the pubs for  drink or a meal.



    Stroud is fabulous! Not particularly “Cotswoldsy”, but completely fabulous all the same. Often referred to as “Bohemian Stroud”, it really is just that. The shop facades are colourful, and the town is full of independent shops and cafes, it’s all very laid back and, well, bohemian.

    While the centre of Stroud is not made up of Cotswold stone buildings like most of the towns and villages in the Cotswolds, it is surrounded by them on all sides, making Stroud a kind of Bohemian oasis in the Cotswolds.



    We love so many of the towns and villages in the Cotswolds, some are great for eating out, some for walking, some for staying over… but for shopping, Tetbury has always been at the top of our list. There are so many fabulous shops, most of which are independents, all of which have the most wonderful selection of antiques, home wares, gifts or clothing.

    And Tetbury is beautiful. Cotswold stone, nice facades, more beautiful doors and knockers than anywhere in the Cotwolds. It’s one of our all-time favourites, in the Cotswolds and anywhere.

    Barrow Wake Viewpoint

    The sun had abandoned us and it had started to rain, but on our way home, we decided to stop at Barrow Wake Viewpoint south of Cheltenham, just a two-minute drive off the A417. It’s really something else. If you’re looking for incredible views and a great place to start or finish a great walk in the Cotswolds, this is the place.


    Summer of 2021 Staycation in the Cotswolds

    This year we’re staying safe and supporting our local area by going on Staycation in the Cotswolds. We have some of the very best attractions, restaurants, museums, pubs, cafes, galleries, and places of historic interest in the UK, right here in the Cotswolds… and we’re staying home this summer so we can experience all that“, Mette ♡

    Book and get inspired for your STAYCATION IN THE COTSWOLDS today.

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