• The new Sunday Brunch at Tewkesbury Park

    24 March 2024: Five years ago to the day, we went for Sunday Brunch at Tewkesbury Park. On that day, the sun was shining, it was unseasonably warm, the kids were 10 so we played outside for a bit when we arrived, then we went inside and enjoyed the delicious culinary delights… we had the most wonderful time.

    Read about our experience from 24 March 2019 here: Sunday Brunch at Tewkesbury Park

    So when we had the invite to come and experience the new and updated Sunday Brunch, we gathered the kids, now 15 and a fair bit taller, but not too old to play, and off we went for another lovely experience at Tewkesbury Park. The sun wasn’t out this time and it wasn’t really warm enough for a long play session outside, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have five-years-on photos of the kids playing on the lawn, so we did go out for a bit. So lovely!

    Five years ago:


    When we looked back at the pictures from five years ago, at first we couldn’t believe it had actually been that long. Then we saw the date on the pictures and we couldn’t believe it was five years to the day that we’d been. And when we came into the restaurant and were seated at the same table, we roared with laughter… what a fun set of coincidences!

    Sunday Brunch indulgence

    Now, on to the main event: We all know Sunday mornings deserve a little indulgence. A few extra winks of sleep, a leisurely cup of coffee, and of course, a meal that gathers the family. And, while the traditional Sunday Lunch is usually the setting for this, there’s now another event to throw in the mix when you’re looking for something to elevate your Sundays: The new Sunday Brunch at Tewkesbury Park.

    The star of the show

    The views of the picturesque Cotswold countryside envelopes Tewkesbury Park like no other place we know, and the hotel’s cosy dining room sets the stage for a relaxing yet refined experience. The real star of the show, of course, is the food. Tewkesbury Park’s brunch spread is generous and thoughtfully curated. They clearly understand that brunch isn’t just about quantity, it’s about those carefully chosen bites that satisfy all your cravings. Long gone are the classic breakfast and lunch dishes, instead there are new hot brunch favourites, waffles with maple syrup, several kinds of bread, a big salad selection, smashed avocado, smoked salmon, and an Indian twist with masala eggy bread and dips and spicy potatoes. Oh, and if you’re all about the eggs, there’s a ‘live’ station with eggs poached to order. It’s amazing… and everything is so delicious. 

    With tea, coffee, juice, and smoothies on tap, the bruncher is £20 per person (£10 for under 10s). 

    The Golden Ticket

    If you’re into the sweet treats (which, of course, we were!) you can add a golden ticket to your meal for a trip to the ‘Willy Wonka-style’ chocolate fountain and the dessert table brimming with sweet treats, dinky puds and bite-sized delights. The golden ticket is an additional £10 (£7 for under 10s).

    A wonderful experience… as always at Tewkesbury Park

    Of course, no brunch would be complete without a bit of bubbly, and the menu includes various kinds of bubbles and cocktails. 

    Service was exceptional – our server was attentive, friendly, and very helpful, especially as some of us needed vegan options. We all left feeling happy, satisfied, and already planning our next visit.

    If you’re looking for a way to make your Sunday a little special, Tewkesbury Park delivers. Book your table here.