• The perfect Sunday Lunch on your doorstep

    On a wet and windy Saturday in lockdown, we went to the beautiful Suffolks in Cheltenham for a lovely pub lunch!!

    No, we haven’t gone mad.. No, we didn’t break any rules.. No, we hadn’t found an open pub in some alternate universe where Covid-19 wasn’t keeping us indoors for months on end…….. we simply went out for a takeaway with a difference, and came straight home when we’d picked it up.


    The “Non-Prep” Sunday Roast Box

    We went to The Suffolks Arms in Cheltenham, the new and exciting addition to the Cotswold dining pub scene, to pick up their “Non-Prep” Family Sunday Roast Box. We were excited, we were pretty sure we were in for a real culinary treat, because we had been to The Suffolk Arms a few months back for one of the most delicious lunches we’ve ever had in the Cotswolds or anywhere.

    Read about our visit to The Suffolk Arms here: A FANTASTIC DINING PUB.


    Put on the apron and get it on!

    On Sunday, as I was just about to put the apron on and “get it on” with the two boxes of Sunday lunch ingredients and the two bags of enormous Yorkshire puds, life happened!!! Sunday turned into one of those days where nothing goes right, things break and drama thrives! And in the early evening when order had been restored in the happy home, it was just too late, so our Sunday lunch didn’t happen…. but not to worry, this particular Sunday lunch was well wrapped up and was turned into Tuesday night dinner.


    I created a feast

    As I set out on this culinary experience created by The Suffolk Arms, I wasn’t sure what to expect and what was expected of me. I realised I was expected to do some of the cooking of this feast, but I didn’t know if my limited cooking skills would stretch! Well, happy to report that they very much stretched, because I (I!!) created feast worthy of any top-class pub in the country as I followed the easy instructions supplied in the box. It was easy, everything was prepped and all I had to do was a bit of coating and frying, and then the oven did the rest.


    A great recommendation

    I’m happy to report that the whole family thoroughly enjoyed this Sunday lunch at home and we’re all delighted to recommend the “On Your Doorstep” experience from The Suffolk Arms.

    Book your SUNDAY LUNCH ON YOUR DOORSTEP at The Suffolk Arms in Cheltenham here.