• Evesham ∙ A real gem off the beaten Cotswold path

    Nestled on the edge of the Cotswolds to the north, is one of the most underrated places: The lovely town of Evesham. Often overshadowed by its more prominent neighbours across the border in the Cotswolds, Evesham offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and local character, making it a real hidden gem just waiting to be explored.

    A rich tapestry of history

    Evesham boasts a rich heritage, evident in its magnificent abbey, founded in the 7th century. Evesham Abbey was a towering structure exceeding 300 feet and encompassing a vast 90,000 square feet, likely mirrored the design and scale of nearby abbeys in Gloucester, Tewkesbury, and Worcester. While Evesham and its Abbey Park draw tourists, many remain unaware of the abbey’s rich history, its sacred past, and its significant role in England’s narrative. History buffs can delve deeper at the Almonry Museum, housed within a 14th-century building, showcasing the town’s fascinating past.

    Beyond the Abbey Walls

    Evesham’s charm extends beyond its historical sites. The picturesque black-and-white timber-framed buildings lining the streets transport visitors back in time. Explore the bustling market square, a kaleidoscope of colours and sounds, where local vendors offer fresh produce, handcrafted goods, and a taste of the region’s culinary delights.

    A haven for nature lovers

    For those seeking a breath of fresh air and the most beautifully landscaped and cared for gardens, Abbey Park in the centre of Evesham provides a picture-perfect tranquil escape. Stroll along the manicured lawns, take a leisurely boat ride on the river, bring the kids for water play in the playground, snooze in the shade, or bring a picnic to enjoy in this picturesque backdrop on a relaxing afternoon. 

    There are miles and miles of walking by the river to be enjoyed setting out in Abbey Park. Venture out for more stunning countryside views, perfect for hiking and cycling.

    A fantastic cinema

    The Regal on Port Street is a little oasis for cinephiles and history buffs. This single-screen gem, adorned with opulent features from its 1930s heyday, offers a unique cinematic experience far from the multiplex norm. Sink into plush seats and enjoy classic films, arthouse gems, or even live opera and theatre screenings bathed in the warm glow of the original Art Deco lighting. For a touch of daytime sophistication, enjoy a pre-movie coffee or a post-show glass of wine at the elegant bar, adding a touch of glamour to your cinematic escape.

    Stay in beauty and luxury

    The Wood Norton Hotel invites guests to a luxurious escape in the heart of Evesham. Originally built as a hunting lodge, this Grade II listed Victorian house boasts a rich history and stunning French decorative interiors. Offering 50 rooms and suites, a renowned restaurant, and expansive gardens, the hotel provides a blend of period charm and modern amenities. Whether seeking a romantic getaway, a family break, or a base for exploring Evesham and the Cotswolds, The Wood Norton offers a delightful retreat with breathtaking views of the Vale of Evesham.

    A foodie’s paradise

    Evesham’s culinary scene tantalises taste buds with a truly diverse offering, ensuring a satisfying experience whatever you’re in the mood for. Craving authentic Italian flavours? ‘Flavours‘ delivers a fantastic culinary experience. For fine dining, you will find everything you need at The Wood Norton. Go to ‘Stirrups‘ for the best burgers in town. For a taste of Thailand, ‘Thai Emerald‘ transports you with its fragrant curries and aromatic dishes. ‘River Avon‘ is arguably the best Chinese in the Cotswolds. We could go on and on. 

    Whether you seek a cosy cafe, a historic pub, a real curry, or a fine dining experience, the town caters to all preferences. Evesham’s restaurants promise a delicious journey, leaving you wanting to return and explore more of what this charming town has to offer. Check out Evesham Noticeboard for a fuller list of the great eateries in Evesham. 

    Just down the road ∙ Don’t miss a visit to the historic National Trust-owned The Fleece Inn in the small neighbouring village of Bretforton. The Fleece offers a quintessential English pub experience. This historic, half-timbered building, originally a medieval farmhouse, boasts a warm atmosphere with roaring fires in winter and the most charming garden with an apple orchard for those warm summer days. Renowned for its real ales, ciders, and traditional fare, The Fleece Inn is a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike, attracting those seeking a taste of rural charm and a welcoming escape.

    Evesham’s allure

    Evesham offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and local character, making it a destination that caters to diverse interests. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or a foodie, Evesham has something to surprise and delight you. So, step off the beaten path and uncover the hidden treasure that awaits on the edge of the Cotswolds.