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    Delicious lunch at The Greenway Hotel

    On our way home from our #SummerOf17 ‘Mother-Daughter Trip’ in  Tetbury and Painswick, Noelle and I called in at The Greenway Hotel in Cheltenham for lunch. The Greenway is one of my favourite hotels in the Cotswolds and I wanted to share a lovely lunch with my daughter as a nice finish to our trip.

    Play first, then lunch

    We were greeted by the friendly staff and offered drinks in the bar. We were early for lunch, so a little game of croquet in the sunny garden was in the cards, a walk around the grounds and then a play by the pond with the enormous fish after. The finish of our ‘Mother-Daughter Trip’ was off to a great start at The Greenway.


    Lunch with a side of big goldfish

    Lunch in the restaurant at The Greenway was wonderful. With a view of the pretty pond and terrace, the sun shining outside, the warm breeze through the open terrace door… we couldn’t have asked for anything better. Between each course, Noelle was outside trying to catch the water striders on the pond, spotting the three big goldfish and enjoying the sunshine.


    Delicious 3-course lunch

    We ordered the gazpacho for starters, the mushroom pasta and the lamb dish for mains and the clafoutis and the cremeaux puds. All delicious. Service at The Greenway is second to none, staff are all incredibly friendly and making a fuss of Noelle, and we enjoyed our lunch here so much. It was a super experience on our #SummerOf17 #Staycation in the Cotswolds.