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    Painswick Rococo Garden in the Cotswolds

    On one of our #SummerOf17 trips down to the beautiful southern region of the Cotswolds, we were excited to visit Painswick Rococo Garden, the last complete rococo garden in the UK and a real pride of the Cotswolds. Designed in the 1740s, a time when gardens were statements of the trends of the times, theatrical sets and stunning backdrops to the garden parties of their time.


    A hidden valley of beauty

    Painswick Rococo Garden is a hidden valley offering some truly spectacular views of the surrounding countryside and interesting buildings in the garden. We arrived on a perfect, sunny day and were welcomed warmly by the shop- and cafe staff, noting that we would definitely need to try some of the delicious cakes in the cafe on our way out. But cake later, garden first, and in we went.


    A garden surprise

    When you walk through to the garden from the entrance, you walk through a walkway and suddenly the entire garden is revealed to you. We walked through and were stunned by the sight that met us. The garden, surprisingly, is mostly set in a valley, and the view of the garden below us took our breath away.


    See you in snowdrop season

    Expecting a traditional flower garden, you are bound to be surprised by the exciting vegetable garden and maze, the white rococo wall and the pretty little buildings placed in some of the lovely corners of the garden. We absolutely loved our visit to Painswick Rococo Garden, we can’t wait to go back at different times of the year to experience the various seasons, especially in snowdrop season when the garden is famed for it’s stunning white blanket that covers most of the undergrowth.


    Pina Colada cakes… Chin Chin!

    On our way out, we had not forgotten about those scrummy cakes, so we enjoyed a drink and a slice of coconut and pineapple cake (basically a Pina Colade cake – YUM!) outside in the sun, while enjoying the views, the flowers and the lovely atmosphere. What a wonderful Cotswold garden and cafe in the Cotswolds.