• 57 Wonderful Museums, Attractions and Places of Interest in the Cotswolds

    The Cotswolds is one of the UK’s official ‘Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ and visitors and tourists come from all over the World to visit the picturesque villages, the stunning countryside and to see the beautiful views that we surround ourselves with all over this wonderful region.

    But we’re not all about the beauty in the Cotswolds… we’re also about wonderful and fun experiences, sustainable produce and products, great eateries, health and wellness, some of the most luxurious places to stay in the country, as well as interesting and exciting museums, galleries, towns, attractions and places of interest.

    This is our list (in no particular order) of

    57 Wonderful Museums, Attractions and Places of Interest in the Cotswolds.

    1. Broadway Tower

    Standing 1024 feet above sea level, Broadway Tower is an iconic little castle, the highest in the Cotswolds, in fact. It’s the perfect place to start your walking excursion, take in some history, or even enjoy a delicious breakfast in the restaurant next door.

    2. Blenheim Palace

    Explore the beautiful views of Blenheim Palace and gardens. A world heritage site in beautiful Woodstock, and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. One not to miss when you’re visiting the Cotswolds.

    3. The Cotswold Tour Guide

    The Luxury Tour Service in the Cotswolds,  The Cotswold Tour Guide has been providing discerning clients with luxury tours across the Cotswolds since 2011.

    4. Best Cotswold Tours

    Best Cotswold Tours will describe and take you to the beautiful and quintessentially English countryside that is the Cotswolds. You will gain insight into everyday Cotswold Life. Each tour is tailored to your own requirements and will be at your speed. You will not be sharing the day with anyone else. The aim is to have a relaxing and memorable day.

    5. Chipping Campden

    Chipping Campden is quite simply one of the finest towns in the Cotswolds – well-preserved and full of history, but also full of life and bustle. It’s elegant High Street is a delight, described by the historian, G.M. Trevelyan, as “the most beautiful village street now left in the island”: a broad gentle curve flanked on either side by an unbroken sweep of buildings covering a host of architectural styles, with buildings dating back to the 14th century.

    6. Batsford Arboretum

    Batsford Arboretum is an intimate and romantic place to visit, with interest all year round from the first snowdrops of spring, right through to the outstanding autumn colour in October and November.

    7. Beautiful Broadway

    Pretty cottages along High Street, Broadway, Cotswolds, Worcestershire, England, UK, Western Europe.

    A famous Cotswold beauty spot, and popular throughout the year, Broadway is dominated by a wide main street lined with independent shops, restaurants, hotels and plenty of antique shops. It’s one of the most wonderful towns, in the Cotswolds and anywhere.

    8. Chipping Campden Playground

    The recreation ground in Chipping Campden is a mere 3-minute walk from the centre of the High Street. It is a wonderful playground that you simply must go visit if you are in the area with children. The beautifully kept lawn is the size of a couple of football fields, with an area for ball games on one end and playground on the other. The playground is well laid out, maintained very nicely and made so there are different activities grouped together so children of various ages will be drawn to areas with equipment they can master. The grounds are perfect for a family picnic or simply for sharing a snack and a drink on a blanket while the kids are running to and from and having a whale of a time.

    9. Broadway Playground

    broadway playground cotswolds

    Set amongst beautiful Cotswolds hills and old trees, the playground in Broadway is made of sections with equipment appropriate for various age groups – there’s something for every single age there, something even for adults. There are designated picnic areas, tables and even nice rest rooms, so there’s every opportunity to spend a good few hours on a nice day out with your kids. Located off Broadway High Street, look for the signs to the Leisure Area.

    10. Redwings Horse Sanctuary

    Redwings Oxhill is home to almost 90 rescued horses, ponies and donkeys, including the most friendly group of cobs known as “The Breakfast Club” because they’re all named after breakfast items! The centre’s staff offer regular ‘Walk and Talk’ tours where you can meet residents large and small – from impressive cuddly cob Rumpel to super fluffy part-Poitou donkey Arya – and the café offers tasty refreshments, while the shop has a range of tempting gifts, homewares and souvenirs.

    11. Mary Arden’s Farm

    Mary Arden's Farm Shakespeare Stratford Cotswolds

    Discover the childhood home of Shakespeare’s mother. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of a working Tudor farm on a fantastic family day out at Mary Arden’s Farm. Meet the Tudors who run the farm just as Shakespeare’s mother would have done, watch craft and falconry demonstrations and explore the farmyard, playground and historic buildings in Stratford-upon-Avon.

    12. The gardens at Cowley Manor

    The garden at one of the most iconic hotels in the Cotswolds, Cowley Manor, is a haven of tranquillity. From an eclectic collection of trees and beautiful plant life that blooms all year around, to the unique sculptures dotted around the grounds, these gardens will inspire you to reconnect with nature, no matter the time of year. Just like the interiors in the hotel, a trip to Cowley Manor’s gardens is full of surprises. Explore the 55 acre estate and discover secret woodland pathways, vibrant sculptures, and relaxing hideaways. Take a look around and soak up the sights, smells, and sounds of this slice of peaceful Cotswold countryside.

    13. Highgrove Gardens

    Highgrove is the private residence of TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, near Tetbury in Gloucestershire. Since 1980 when the Prince of Wales first arrived at Highgrove, His Royal Highness has devoted much energy to transforming the gardens around the house, which are renowned as some of the most inspiring and innovative in the United Kingdom. And it is, quite simply, the most wonderful gardens you could ever hope to visit. And they serve afternoon tea too… like you needed another reason to go.

    14. A lovely walk through the Venice of the Cotswolds

    Step into the Cotswold countryside in and around Bourton-on-the-Water. Walk along the river and take in this pretty village, known far and wide for it’s rich architecture and tranquil village scenes, and is often referred to as ‘The Venice of the Cotswolds’.

    15. A view from the Top

    Stow-on-the-Wold is Cotswold’s highest town and while you may not be able to stand on it ‘hill top’-style, you are able to have a deserving break in one of the abundant cafes in the market square and immerse yourself in the town and it’s history. It was here that the last fight of the English Civil War happened in 1646 and there are many references to this throughout the square in the centre.

    16. Anne Hathaway’s Cottage

    If Shakespeare is your fancy, or his wife for that matter, visit Stratford-on-Avon and tour Anne Hathaway’s Cottage. Take a seat by the riverside at The Dirty Duck, have a sip of wine or ale, and take in the nearby Swan Theatre where many of Shakespeare’s plays are showcased. Anne Hathaway’s Cottage was originally a farmhouse, built in 1463 and comprising of just two rooms. The first Hathaway to live in the house was Anne’s grandfather, John Hathaway, who was a tenant farmer. Anne, later Shakespeare’s wife, was born in the house in 1556.

    17. The Slaughters (not what it sounds like)

    Walk in your wellies through the charming villages of Upper and Lower Slaughter, both unbelievably pretty and everywhere you look is a snapshot for the perfect Cotswold postcard.

    18. The Cotswold Way

    Wooden Cotswold Way signpost giving directions to Broadway Tower, Broadway, Cotswolds, Worcestershire, England, UK, Western Europe.

    Wake up early to catch the sunrise over The Cotswold Way. A 102 mile walk starting in Chipping Campden and travelling through picturesque fields all the way down to Bath in the south of the region, is well worth the morning wake up call.

    19. The Cotswold Water Park

    Head to the water… hey, you didn’t think you could do that in the Cotswolds, did you? Well, you can. Head to the Cotswold Water Park, located near Cirencester, and try your hand at outdoors adventure and an abundance of fun activities based around the 40+ square miles of 150 lakes, one of the UK’s largest Nature Reserves in fact.

    20. All Things Wild

    All Things Wild is a fantastic year-round family attraction, comprising of animals, dinosaurs, soft play and much more to discover! With plenty of activities both indoor and outdoor, to keep all ages entertained whatever the weather.

    21. Chedworth Roman Villa

    Do as the Romans do Chedworth Roman Villa transport visitors back to one of the grandest Roman villas in Britain. Rediscovered over 150 yeas ago, this now museum holds rare artifacts and findings that will leave you in awe. From mosaic floors to bathhouse rooms, exploring the villa and its beautiful vista views will take you to a different era.

    22. CJP Cotswold Tours

    The whole of the Cotswolds is waiting for you when you go out with CJP Cotswold Tours. A family-run business owned and operated by Chris and Ruth, CJP Cotswold Tours offer private cultural and sightseeing tours of the Cotswolds, giving you the freedom to discover the beauty and charm of the region, whilst enjoying the view from the comfort of an executive passenger vehicle.

    23. Compton Verney

    Compton Verney wedding event venue art museum cotswolds

    Bringing a love of art and community together, Compton Verney is a not for profit national art gallery that is located in a beautiful park just outside the Cotswolds. A place for all ages, their gallery aims to entertain and inspire all visitors with its highly-acclaimed art exhibitions and wide range of cultural activities. A great place for kids too.

    24. Cotswold Farm Park

    Since 1971, Cotswold Farm Park has been helping protect rare breeds of farm animals and today over 50 breeds call the park home. Family activities include farm demonstrations, farm safaris, and feeding time!

    25. Chastleton House

    Discover the rare gem of a Jacobean country home, the 17th century Chastleton House is a museum in itself. Preserved for years and untouched by modern day, visitors are captivated by the unspoiled home and surrounding beautiful gardens. And, there is always room for a round of croquet.

    26. Birdland

    Over nine acres of gardens and forest, Birdland in the Cotswolds is a must-see. From bird watching and feeding to having a Jurassic Journey (yes, DINOSAURS) and discovering a variety of flora, Birdland is a jam-packed day of fun and exploration.

    27. Let’s Go, Cotswolds

    Go Cotswolds Tourist Bus Tours

    Lost on how to fit in both the wonderful town of Stratford-upon-Avon with all the Shakespearean action it has to offer and all the outstanding natural beauty of the Cotswolds into one day of sightseeing? Go Cotswolds offers day tours of both, so without the worry of directions or driving the narrow alleys and roads, this affordable and convenient bus tour is the way to go.

    28. The Rollright Stones

    An ancient relic, The Rollright Stones consist of three major elements: The King’s Men stone circle, the Whispering Knights, and the King Stone. Take a step into the mystery and the wonder that is The Rollright Stones.

    29. Westonbirt Arboretum

    Discover 15,000 varieties of trees from all over the world at Westonbirt Arboretum. High above the trees, experience the STIHL Treetop Walkway for a perfect bird’s eye view of the forest below.

    30. The Model Village

    When visiting the village of Bourton-on-the-Water, go to The Model Village where you experience the whole village in just one ninth of it’s actual size. The Model Village is comprised of buildings, gardens, miniature trees, and even a smaller version of the River Windrush!

    31. Snowshill Manor

    Visit Snowshill Manor, a Cotswold manor house that is home to the many treasures collected by Charles Wade. Full of tiny toys, Samurai armour, musical instruments and more! And in the garden, unwind and discover secret vistas, quiet corners, and the Priest’s House – Charles Wade’s home.

    32. Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway

    All aboard the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, a 25-mile roundtrip journey through the beautiful scenery of the Cotswolds. Starting at Laverton, this epic train ride takes passengers pass towns like Toddington, Didbrook, Gotherington, and others. You will see Hayles Abbey, train workshops, the Vale of Evesham and so many other delights along the way.

    33. Cotswold Falconry

    Birds of prey take centre stage at Cotswold Falconry Centre. Take part in flying demonstrations, educational sessions and see up close these fierce birds including eagles, falcons and owls.

    34. Cotswold Lavender

    All lavender, all the time. Home to the finest English lavender, Cotswold Lavender is rows on rows of beautiful purple lavender. Visitors are able to purchase a variety of lavender products including bath and shower, skincare, oils, and other well-being items.

    35. Corinium Museum

    Both national and international collections are preserved in the Corinium Museum, a service that manages archaeological and social historical objects in the Council’s collection. Learn about the importance of these objects through the museum’s educational programmes.

    36. Cirencester Park

    The Bathurst Estate and Cirencester Park is meticulously landscaped to bring out the natural beauty of plants, flowers and buildings. Every second and fourth Saturday of every month is a Farmer’s Market, and the Cricket and Beer Festival is always a good time.

    37. The Queen of the Cotswolds

    This beautiful, historic wool town, sitting in regal hilltop splendour near Stroud, is known as ‘The Queen of the Cotswolds’. It is one of the best-preserved settlements in the Cotswolds, built from mellow honey-coloured stone quarried from nearby Painswick Beacon. Painswick is one of the mot picture-perfect villages in the Cotswolds.

    38. Cotswold Motoring Museum

    Love cars? Cotswold Motoring Museum takes visitors through the course of motor vehicles in the 20th century. From vintage car collections and classic cars to motorcycles and caravans, the museum is a family friendly afternoon activity.

    39. Sezincote Estate and Garden

    Inspired design from Hindu and Muslim architecture, Sezincote Estate is a truly unique gem in Cotswolds. Take a walk through the perfectly landscaped gardens through green shrubbery and spring-fed pools, or visit the building where magical weddings are hosted.

    40. Cheltenham

    A wonderful mix of the traditional and the new, Cheltenham nestles against the Cotswolds as the perfect place to unwind and refresh your mind, body and soul. With unique festival vibes, an abundance of independent and much loved High Street shops, incredible dining experiences from street food to Michelin starred fine dining, Cheltenham is a must-visit town.

    41. Stanway Fountain and Gardens

    stanway house and fountain cheltenham cotswolds

    A beautiful example of a Jacobean manor house, Stanway House and Fountain, the tallest gravity fountain in the world, brings together history, architecture and nature in beautiful harmony. From a 14th century Tithe Barn to an 18th century water garden–home to the magnificent Stanway Fountain, Stanway is an experience that will take your breath away.

    42. Cirencester Amphitheatre

    The Cirencester Amphitheatre is one of the largest natural Roman amphitheatres in Britain. Built in the early 2nd century, it could hold up to 8,000 spectators. An incredibly impressive place… one not to miss.

    43. Gordon Russell was here!

    Gordon Russell was a creative mind, with works in furniture design, calligraphy and architecture. His life is featured at the Gordon Russell Museum in Broadway where you can now walk through his original workshop, see his toolbox, and learn about this extraordinary entrepreneur.

    44. See the Cotswolds from the Air

    A unique experience among the clouds in the sky, Cotswold Balloon Safaris take guests up in a hot air balloon and tours the below towns and villages of the Cotswolds, leaving guests awe-inspired.

    45. Woodstock

    Situated on the edge of the Cotswolds, Woodstock is a fine Georgian town, famous as the home of Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill.

    46. Stratford Mini Golf

    Stratford Mini Golf is situated on the bank of the river Avon next to the recreation grounds, this Miniature Golf Course in Stratford-upon-Avon has enjoyed entertaining visitors from all over the world, year after year tourists, visitors and locals keep going back to the course for an hour or two of good family fun.

    47. Stow-on-the-Wold

    Typical cotswold buildings built with Oolitic limestone Warwickshire England UK

    The Square is the heart of this large market town in the Cotswolds. It is surrounded by town houses, independent shops, antique centres, cosy cafes and inns all built in the yellow local stone, and it has been the focus of town life over many centuries, with the medieval market stocks at one end, the ancient market cross at the other and the impressive St Edwards Hall standing in the centre. 

    48. Chipping Norton

    Renowned for its antique shops and diverse shopping offer, including a regular market, Chipping Norton retains a robust living, working market town atmosphere. There is good choice of places to eat and top quality entertainment at the wonderful Theatre, famous for its pantomime and visiting world class performers.

    49. Burford

    Burford’s famous High Street sweeps downhill towards the River Windrush, its three arched medieval bridge and its impressive church, both sides of the street flanked by an unbroken line of ancient houses and shops.

    50. Stroud

    Brimming with independent shops, cafés and galleries and home to one of the best Farmers’ Markets in the country, there are plenty of things to do in Stroud, described by Jasper Conran as ‘the Covent Garden of the Cotswolds’.

    51. Slimbridge Wetlands Centre

    From birdwatchers to families, there is plenty to discover all year round at the truly wonderful Slimbridge Wetland Centre just south of Gloucester in the Cotswolds. Enjoy amazing wildlife up-close. With experiences to suit all ages offering access to a huge variety of wildlife, it is no surprise we are an award-winning day out!


    52. Woodchester Valley Vineyard

    Woodchester Valley is a family owned boutique vineyard and winery in the South Cotswolds with three vineyard sites in the Stroud valleys which produce a range of still white, rosé and sparkling wines. Alongside the wines, fantastic tours and overnight stays make Woodchester Valley Vineyard a super experience in the Cotswolds.

    53. Brian Sinfield Gallery

    The Brian Sinfield Gallery in Burford is one of the leading art galleries outside London specialising in contemporary, traditional and semi-abstract paintings by distinguished British artists. They offer an exciting exhibition programme with a mix of solo and group shows celebrating and supporting both widely-acclaimed artists or emerging talent. 

    54. Bourton-on-the-Water

    Step into the Cotswold countryside in and around Bourton-on-the-Water. Walk along the river and take in this pretty village, known far and wide for it’s rich architecture and tranquil village scenes, and is often referred to as ‘The Venice of the Cotswolds’.

    55. Giffords Circus

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Giffords Circus, the best circus EVER… yes, we said it, EVER! Acrobats, horses, magical performances and more, this is a family-friendly event that tours throughout the Cotswolds and beyond all summer long. Get your ticket to see the most glamorous troupe of performers.

    56. Hidcote Manor Gardens

    hidcote garden national trust chipping campden cotswolds

    Hidcote Manor Garden near Chipping Campden is one of the best-known and most influential Arts and Crafts gardens in Britain, with its linked “rooms” of hedges, rare trees, shrubs and herbaceous borders. 

    57. The most beautiful village in England

    Bibury is such a charming Cotswold village, once described by William Morris (1834-96) as “the most beautiful village in England”. In fact, Fox News says that Bibury is one of the world’s most picturesque villages, and an article on the Huffington Post website (1st May 2014), titled “The Most Charming Towns In Europe You’ll Want To Visit ASAP”, mentioned Bibury. And the cottages of Arlington Row are often referred to as the most photographed and beautiful cottages in the country.



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