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    Sunday Lunch Experience at Cowley Manor

    Sunday Lunch Experience at Cowley Manor

    July 2018: It’s been mentioned before on these pages, we love a great Sunday Lunch in the Cotswolds, we love good food enjoyed in beautiful settings, great service and lovely surroundings… well, you can see where this is going, right? We went for Sunday Lunch at stunning Cowley Manor near Cheltenham and experienced all of the above.


    Competing and winning

    Just a 10-minute drive from Cheltenham, right in the heart of the Cotswolds, is the stunning and magnificent Cowley Manor. So close to Cheltenham and with many a lovely Cotswold dining pub nearby, Cowley Manor is competing with a number of eateries nearby serving delicious Sunday Lunches… competing and winning, that is.


    Cosy and Lovely Atmosphere

    Sunday Lunch at Cowley Manor is taken in the hotel restaurant, Malt. With a mix of contemporary and incredibly classy, Malt is surprisingly cosy with a really lovely atmosphere. The Sunday Lunch menu is concise and with 5 starters, 5 mains and 5 puddings, all mouth-watering variations of the great British classics. And when it comes to a choice of the British Sunday Lunch classics, 9 times out of 10 I will go straight for the beef option… and this particular Sunday was no different, but luckily (in that we’d be able to show you lovely pictures of more dishes) my lunch-date chose the equally delicious and photograph-worthy pork. For starters we went for the asparagus arancini and the tomato salad, for pudding the chocolate crème brûlée and the sticky toffee pudding. Every single bite was utterly delicious and full of great British flavours.


    The Wonderful Grounds

    No visit to Cowley Manor would be complete without a walk in the grounds outside, a visit to the secret garden (where we hear the Cheshire Cat can be seen from time to time!) and a chat with the resident swans by the lake. Having finished our delicious Sunday Lunch, we spent an hour or so exploring the garden and grounds outside, the perfect way to finish your visit to Cowley Manor.


    Sky-High Expectations

    I absolutely love Cowley Manor, but I knew that going in, so my expectations were sky-high for this particular Sunday lunchtime. I’m happy to report that all my expectations were met and exceeded and that I, once more, look forward to going back again and again to one of my all-time favourite places to be.