• Support the Cotswolds

    The Coronavirus crisis is making it a time of uncertainty in the Cotswolds
    and everywhere. Most businesses has already had to close and the tourism industry that we and so many other businesses rely on in the Cotswolds, is on it’s knees. Along with all other industries.

    But we WILL bounce back. And while we’re all suffering now, we will continue to promote the Cotswolds, and when things change and go back to some kind of normality… whatever the new normal will look like.

    We will spend this time in isolation encouraging everyone to plan a visit the Cotswolds, and to support the businesses in the Cotswolds.

    Support the WONDERFUL Cotswolds

    With our NEW #Cotswolds2020 campaign, we say this:

    1. Buy Vouchers and Gift Cards.

    When you buy a voucher or a gift card from a business, they will get the money now when they need it, for services or products given later when they are able to offer them.

    2. Postpone, don’t cancel.

    If you have a holiday booked in the Cotswolds, don’t cancel it. Postpone it instead if at all possible, and give the business a chance to stay afloat.

    3. Shop Locally online.

    Many of our fantastic restaurants, pubs and cafes are now offering takeaways and food delivery services. Many of our wonderful businesses were already offering delivery of their products before this crisis. Use them! It is one of the best ways to support our suffering businesses now.

    4. Leave a good review.

    The crisis WILL end. Our businesses WILL start trading again. And when they do, it will matter hugely that new and old customers have faith in them and know they’re still trading, and that potential customers know about them.

    The NEW #Cotswolds2020

    We started the year launching our #Cotswolds2020 campaign which was all about gushing over everything Cotswolds. Now, as the year has taken an unexpected turn, obviously so has our campaign. So we’re now concentrating on general Cotswolds promotion, positive articles, blogs and news relevant to later on in the year.

    Our NEW #Cotswolds2020 campaign is all about encouraging people to PLAN a holiday in the Cotswolds, eating out in the Cotswolds, taking mini-breaks in the Cotswolds and to shop and buy local produce in the Cotswolds.

    So as always, expect lovely stories from us at Cotswolds Concierge while we isolate at home and continue to promote this wonderful Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

    Mette ♡