• Broadway Playground

    Broadway, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

    broadway playground cotswoldsWe can almost guarantee you, that you have never seen a playground quite like the one in Broadway… it is spectacular and a must of you’re anywhere near there with kids.

    broadway playground cotswoldsA mind blowing £300,000 was spent on this Broadway playground… and, in our humble opinion, it was worth every penny! Set amongst beautiful Cotswolds hills and old trees, the playground is made of of sections with equipment appropriate for various age groups – there’s something for every single age there, something even for adults.

    Broadway Playground in the Cotswolds

    There are designated picnic areas, tables and even nice rest rooms, so there’s every opportunity to spend a good few hours on a nice day out with your kids.

    Off Broadway High Street, look for the signs to the Leisure Area by “Pavillion Broadway” on the High Street.

    Broadway, Worcestershire, United Kingdom

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