• A Farm-to-Fork Feast at The Plough Inn in Cold Aston

    The Plough Inn in the charming Cotswold village of Cold Aston is more than just a quaint pub; it’s a celebration of farm-to-fork sustainability through and through. 



    Pure Culinary Joy

    We had lunch at The Plough Inn and it was pure joy for several reasons. The pub is a lovely space, exposed beams, lots of nooks and cosy areas, lit fireplace with soft chairs, low ceilings that add to the warm atmosphere, fantastic service by manager, Ovi Bunea, who couldn’t do enough to make our lunch the best it could be, and Head Chef Wayne Sullivan whose culinary skills are among the best in the Cotswolds. But most of all, our lunch was among the best meals we’ve had in the Cotswolds because of the quality and the taste of the food served. 



    The Farm-to-Fork Movement

    We often bang the drum for local, farm-to-fork eating, and so many of the great eateries in the Cotswolds are right there with us… but none more so than the owners of The Plough Inn in Cold Aston, Nick and Laura Avery, who live and work on the farm just one mile up the road that supply the beef served in the pub. They live and breathe the belief that the farm-to-fork movement is the way forward, and alongside Wayne and his skilled team of chefs, the food that goes out of the kitchen is a testament to the belief that the best flavours come from the quality of the ingredients that go into the dishes. 

    So, we had looked forward to this lunch, a local food experience is always exciting. It was time to order and (with me being the difficult vegan in the beef-centric eatery) I had brought a carnivorous bestie to sample the beef. She ordered the sirloin steak served with beef-dripping chips, Cafe de Paris butter sauce, a side salad, and a glass of red wine. I asked Chef Wayne if he could make me a delicious vegan meal, and he did just that: Roasted cabbage, herb potatoes, pickled cucumbers, and a crisp side salad. It was wonderful, 



    Undeniably homegrown

    The sirloin was melt-in-your-mouth tender, infused with subtle herbal notes and seasoned perfectly. The taste was undeniably homegrown, carrying the essence of the pasture, the land, and the Cotswolds. “One of the best steaks I’ve ever, ever had” and “The flavour is incredible” were among the statements from across the table.  

    Time for pudding and we ordered the lovely, fresh sorbets and the richest, scrummiest sticky toffee pudding. And if we thought the dedication to the homegrown beef stopped at the mains, we were mistaken, because Chef Wayne has managed to incorporate beef tallow in the sticky toffee, making it richer, deeper in flavour, and incredibly delicious. 

    In all the dishes and the conversations we had with Ovi and Wayne, the commitment to sustainability and the passion for local produce was evident. This dedication shines through in every aspect of the dining experience, making it more than just a meal. With its delicious farm-to-fork offerings, warm atmosphere, and dedication to Cotswold produce at The Plough Inn, it’s an experience that we’re looking forward to replicating again soon.