• Personal Trainer Alan Gordon

    Personal Trainer Alan Gordon

    Cotswold District, United Kingdom

    alanBiomechanist Alan Gordon provides genuinely exceptional Cotswolds personal training, at a credibly expert level of safety, knowledge and expertise, not approached anywhere else in the Cotswolds, Worcestershire or Gloucestershire.

    What sets Alan totally apart from the entire field, is him being a Biomechanist, something there is only 18 of in the entire UK.

    Alan’s specialist fields are Over 45s Exercise, Injury and Nutrition and Ladies Exercise, injury and Nutrition.

    A Biomechanist is a pure Human Movement specialist, which means they have an advanced expert’s foot in the camp of each and every mode of exercise type, style or format in existence, hence the Pilates teachers, Yoga teachers and personal trainers Alan has amongst his client list. He is also retained to privately assess personal trainers, having to date … assessed 2,546 of them since March 2002.

    For injury recovery and getting back to realistically better ‘life fitness’ after problems  …. Alan is personally recommended by Professor Sallie Lamb, Oxford University’s Kadoorie Professor of Trauma Rehabilitation.

    Genuinely expert personal training providers never get involved in any type of classes or small groups of any description, as all such scenarios are ‘one size fits all’ situations and not remotely personal.  True experts only ever work with single individuals. Alan physically analyses the person before him in-depth … and for their specific goals/aspirations, concludes the exact exercises, movement and physical mechanisms that are precisely safe and appropriate for that body alone and no other … man or woman … anywhere else on the planet.

    Genuinely personal…. personal training

    This results in working only with the totally unique, bodily characteristics of the person concerned … and produces a way of working towards their goals/aspirations, that travels solidly and securely along an exceptionally safe and outstandingly effective path. Be very much aware, that no full and proper testing before any exercise you do … means you’re not getting personal training at all … just supervised exercise, which in clinical truth … is significantly less safe and profoundly less effective. The term ‘personal trainer’ is only used on his website because few people know what Biomechanists are.

    Alan has a Masters Degree in Biomechanics & Applied Human Movement … and a First Class Honours Degree in Nutrition amongst his qualifications; all of which amount to 11 years of training. He has over 40 years of professional experience, and amongst his current exercise client list are … 4 GPs, 1 Surgeon, 2 Physios, 3 Pilates teachers, 2 Yoga teachers and 5 personal trainers, as well as perfectly straightforward folk, who are non medical/exercise people. Alan is the only Biomechanist in the UK, who also has a Nutrition degree.

    Over the last 40 years, in addition to helping people get fitter safely and securely, Alan has dealt with a truly vast range of GP referrals, helping what must literally now be to date … several hundred individuals; to recover from a wide and extensive variety and range of problems and conditions (from Glioblastomas … brain cancer, to hip/leg/arm replacements, cardiac surgery, to Diabetes and Obesity etc, etc, etc), via biomechanically personalised exercise prescription and specific nutrition.

    Contact Alan Gordon on alangordonhealth@aol.com or 07833 11 03 64


    Cotswold District, United Kingdom

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