• The Best Afternoon Teas in the Cotswolds

    ellenborough park hotel restaurant cheltenham cotswolds

    We’ve had our fair share of wonderful afternoon teas in the Cotswolds. No, wait, that’s not true, as there is no ‘fair share’ that one can have; when it comes to afternoon teas, there’s always room for another.

    Now, we’re not here to judge or score the afternoon teas we’ve had, we’re all about sharing what’s good in the Cotswolds, so here we do just that: These are 12 of the good afternoon teas we’ve enjoyed in the Cotswolds, in no particular order.


    Afternoon Tea at The Lygon Arms

    As part of our #SummerOf16 #Staycation in the Cotswolds, we went to The Lygon Arms Hotel in Broadway for their ‘September Afternoon Tea’, and what a truly wonderful experience we had there as a family. We were welcomed warmly, staff was friendly and our every request was met with a smile. A special afternoon tea had been prepared for the children, including a hot chocolate surprise and ice cream elements to their tower of delights. Our afternoon at The Lygon Arms was one we will remember for a long time to come and we can’t wait to go back to see what the other months’ afternoon tea menus include.


    A Royal Afternoon Tea at Highgrove Gardens

    A tour of the royal gardens at HRH The Prince of Wales’ residence in Tetbury is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have in the Cotswolds. And at the end of the tour, you have the option of enjoying their delicious and luxurious afternoon tea with champagne in the setting of the lovely Orchard Restaurant. 

    Afternoon Tea at Highgrove includes a delectable selection of sandwiches and cakes, along with a glass of lovely Highgrove Champagne. When we enjoyed our afternoon tea experience, we left full and happy from the afternoon tea as well as the garden experience, one we will not forget for a very, very long time.


    A Very Special Afternoon Tea at Cowley Manor

    We especially love it when we sit down to enjoy a lovely afternoon tea and it is obvious that every single component is lovingly prepared, put together and carefully selected to create a delicious experience. And if this delightful experience is then presented in a pretty package and served with great attention to detail, then that would simply be perfection and we could never ask for more… well, such an afternoon was the one we just enjoyed at one of our all-time favourite places, stunning Cowley Manor near Cheltenham in the Cotswolds.


    Afternoon Tea at The Arden

    We love it at The Arden in Stratford-upon-Avon. Always great service and great food, and a fantastic afternoon tea too. Served from quintessentially English tea sets and cake stands, the afternoon tea here is one you will find yourself coming back to for more.. we know we do!


    Afternoon Tea at Dormy House

    As with anything on offer at Dormy House, the afternoon tea is a thing of beauty and deliciousness. With great service and that trademark Scandinavian style backdrop, your afternoon tea at the Dormy will be enjoyed in the luxury it deserves. We love the Dormy, we know you will too.


    Afternoon Tea at Ellenborough Park

    We went for The BFG Afternoon Tea at Ellenborough Park, created by their super star head chef, David Kelman, especially for kids and fans of Roald Dahl and The Big Friendly Giant. We went to see the film and straight afterwards we headed to Ellenborough Park to sit down and enjoy this wonderful afternoon tea menu that included ‘Frobscottles’ and ‘Jars of Dreams’ and that we could truly call ‘Scrumdidiliumptious’. Enjoyed in the beautiful Great Hall at this stunning and iconic Cotswold hotel, we had a wonderful afternoon tea experience as a family at Ellenborough Park.


    Afternoon Tea at The Wood Norton

    It was the very first afternoon tea we ever had in the Cotswolds, the one we enjoyed at The Wood Norton, and it set the highest standard for the ones to come. Enjoyed with a view of the beautiful garden and the vale of Evesham, the champagne afternoon tea at The Wood Norton was a delightful, delicious and luxurious culinary experience, one that gave us the taste for afternoon teas and one that we continue to compare all afternoon teas with today.


    A Rich Afternoon Tea at Brockencote Hall

    The afternoon tea at Brockencote Hall is absolutely delicious and among the very best we’ve had in the Cotswolds and anywhere. But it was made even more special with the addition of a sweet glass of Earl Grey tea-infused bubbles from Veuve Cliquot. The afternoon tea we had today was a ‘Rich Veuve Cliquot’ afternoon tea, so included a glass of the sweetest bubbles with a hint of Earl Grey. Wonderful, unlike any afternoon tea experience we’ve had before.


    Afternoon Tea at The Painswick

    Afternoon at The Painswick Hotel in the centre of Painswick in the south Cotswolds, was a wonderfully contemporary, culinary experience. Served on wooden boards and including tasty treats like a modern take on the ham and cheese toasty, haddock and chips homemade pork pies on the savoury side and a giant madeleine on the sweet, this was the least traditional afternoon tea we’ve had in the Cotswolds, an interesting and really great take on a classic. We enjoyed this culinary experience on the balcony at The Painswick with a view of the Slad valley, arguably the most stunning view anywhere in the Cotswolds.


    Afternoon Tea at Mallory Court

    We had afternoon tea at wonderful Mallory Court on a cold January day. Fire was roaring, champagne was bubbling and a cosy, romantic scene was set in this wonderful hotel on the outskirts of the Cotswolds. The afternoon tea delicious and service was, as always, the best of the best.


    Afternoon Tea at The King’s

    When in Chipping Campden looking for a relaxed atmosphere paired with culinary class and great service, The King’s Hotel is the place to go. Afternoon tea at The King’s is a scrumptious and truly lovely experience all around, one that you will want to share with good friends and loved ones.


    Afternoon Tea at The Tea Set

    We’ve enjoyed afternoon tea from our good friends at The Tea Set in Chipping Norton and Broadway a couple of times… well, 3 times, actually. Each time has been a wonderful experience and we’ve brought members of our family there when they’ve come to visit, as we wanted them to experience a delicious afternoon tea in a cosy, informal and friendly setting. We love afternoon teas at The Tea Set and we know you will too.