• The Ivy Montpellier Brasserie, a ‘must visit’ in Cheltenham

    We love all the wonderful eateries in Cheltenham and dining out in this vibrant Cotswold town is just plain fabulous. The Ivy Brasserie in Montpellier had been on our ‘must visit’-list for ages and this Saturday we finally made it there… and what an experience! We had seen pictures of the restaurant and heard only great things, so prior to our visit, our expectations were already sky-high… imagine our delight when we finally went and found that it was even better than we thought it might be.



    A magnificent room

    When you arrive at The Ivy in Cheltenham, you are immediately met by friendly and professional staff who make sure your reservation is handled, your coats are checked and that you are seated at your table. We entered the restaurant and the staff must be so used to hearing this, of course, but straight away we were marvelling at the magnificently domed room in the grade I listed Rotunda building in the popular town’s trendiest area, Montpellier. We were seated towards the middle of the room, which gives you an even greater sense of the magnitude of the space, because it’s almost impossible to look up and take it all in. It is stunning and words fail you, a truly amazing place.


    A private space in a full restaurant

    The restaurant was quickly filling up, and in another space this might have become noisy, but here it just doesn’t. We were seated close to several other tables in the buzzing place and still felt like we just the two of us, enjoying a lovely lunch and private conversation.



    Sophisticated and relaxed

    What The Ivy Collection is aiming for with their group of brasseries is sophisticated and relaxed dining. They have most definitely got that completely spot on. In a beautiful space they welcome and cater for families, large groups, couple and single diners alike. The culinary offering spans from delicious breakfasts and light lunches to dinners and afternoon teas. The common denominator is the highest standard of ingredients and cooking, beautifully presented in an unpretentious fashion, and only the very best in taste… obviously!


    A first class culinary experience

    Our culinary experience during this lovely lunch was first class. We had the salmon & crab and pumpkin soup starters, both incredibly delicious. Our mains were the avocado Eggs Benedict (oh, wow!) and The Ivy Hamburger… I always say that the sign of a good eatery is an incredibly delicious burger, and if I’m right, then The Ivy is among the very best of eateries, because this particular burger was just that: among the best I’ve had! Pudding was stunning. We went for ice cream and the classic chocolate bomb… sinful, yes, but sooo delicious!



    The very best service

    Throughout our 2-hour lunch at The Ivy Brasserie in Montpellier, we experienced only the very best in service from all members of staff. Friendly, professional, competent and timely, all things that matter so much to the feel of a place, and at The Ivy they have just got it spot on.

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    Mette x