• A Brew Haven in the Heart of Stonehouse Golden Sheep Coffee, Bridgend, Stonehouse

    In the lovely Cotswold town of Stonehouse lies a hidden gem for coffee aficionados – Golden Sheep Coffee. This artisan micro roastery is a must-visit for those seeking an exceptional coffee experience.


    From the moment you step into Golden Sheep Coffee, you’re enveloped in the rich aroma of freshly roasted beans, a testament to the roastery’s unwavering commitment to quality. Michael, the passionate founder and roaster, meticulously selects and roasts each batch of coffee to perfection, ensuring that every cup is a symphony of flavours and aromas.


    A Diverse Range of Delights

    Whether you’re a fan of bold, robust espresso or prefer a delicate pour-over, Golden Sheep Coffee has something to tantalise every palate. Their menu boasts a diverse selection of single-origin coffees, each with its unique flavour profile and origin story. From the vibrant acidity of Ethiopian coffee to the smooth, chocolaty notes of Guatemalan beans, there’s a cup waiting to captivate your senses.


    A Haven for Homebrewers

    Golden Sheep Coffee is also a haven for homebrewers seeking to elevate their coffee-making skills. Michael and his team offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise, guiding customers through the intricacies of brewing methods and equipment. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just starting your coffee journey, Golden Sheep Coffee is a resource that will enrich your brewing experience.

    Free delivery within a 5-mile radius of Stroud. For orders over £15, national delivery is FREE via Royal Mail or courier.

    Visit Golden Sheep Coffee at their unit in Bridgend Works in Stonehouse or find them at these regular shops and markets:

    • Stonehouse Milk, Wednesdays 8am-10am
    • Painswick Market, Thursdays 8am-10am
    • Shambles Market in Stroud, Fridays and Saturdays 8am-1.30pm


    Golden Sheep Coffee, Bridgend, Stonehouse

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