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    Great Day at Slimbridge Wetland Centre

    In the summer of 2017 we had our very first visit to Slimbridge Wetland Centre. We sort of knew what it might be (as in ‘there would be birds’), but truthfully we didn’t really know what to expect, so when we went and had one of the absolutely best times we’ve had in a Cotswold attraction, what a super surprise that was… and we’ve been back several times since then.


    Toad Hall

    It was pouring down when we first arrived, so we started our Slimbridge experience in the ‘Toad Hall’, a room full of terrariums with beautiful exotic frogs, newts and salamanders. It was exciting to get so close – especially to the red-eyed tree frog who was sitting on the side of the glass so we could see it’s feet and underbelly. For the littler kids (Matthew and Noelle are 9, so we passed this without going to play), there’s a great little indoor play area here too.


    View from the top

    The ‘fowl’ weather (stop it, you know we had to!) stopped as suddenly as it began, and after ‘Toad Hall’ and coffees and cakes in the lovely restaurant, which is worth a visit for the delicious cakes as well as for the stunning view of the orange flamingos, the sun came out and we made our way up to the observatory tower where you have a view of the entire wetlands centre. The view from the tower is impressive and it gives you an idea of how large an area you’re about to go explore.


    Feeding the birds

    In the shop you can buy food for the birds. We did this thinking we would just be throwing the food about like when you feed ducks at a local pond. Not the case at Slimbridge. The geese, ducks and swans may not be tame birds, but they certainly are used to be around people, so what met us outside in the feeding area, were these big, friendly birds coming up to us and eating out of our hands. It was an incredible experience, we had never been that close to birds in their habitat or interacted with them like that. The kids LOVED it and we (the experienced adults who have seen it all before and are not easily impressed.. hmm!) did too. It was incredible to be so close to birds you are normally a little bit afraid of, and have them eating out of your hands.


    Play time in the park

    The park has a main outdoor play area, ‘Welly Boot Land’, great for especially the little ones, super if they’re wearing swimsuits or wellies as a stream runs through it and wet play is encouraged. Throughout the park there are other little areas that are super for play.


    A first class Cotswold attraction

    Slimbridge Wetland Centre can be a full day attraction, somewhere for you to just go for a lovely walk and anything in between. We had a super fun time at Slimbridge as part of our #SummerOf17 Staycation in the Cotswolds.