• The Malt House Emporium ∙ Fabulous Shopping and Cafe Destination


    A fabulous shopping experience

    Just minutes from the very centre of the picturesque town of Tewkesbury, conveniently located right by the M5’s junction 9 and just across from the soon-to-open Cotswold Designer Outlet, lies a bit of hidden treasure. ‘Hidden’ only if you (like us up to a few days ago) are yet to discover it, of course. But a ‘treasure’ for sure! The Malt House Emporium.

    We had no expectations as we stepped through the doors. Well, that’s not true, exactly. We thought what we were walking into would be another little shop of a few stalls of antiques, a few stalls of homewares, a few stalls of vintage clothes, and a bit of a cafe in the corner. Upon entering, it was immediately obvious that we had been way off. The Malt House Emporium turned out to be a next-level shop and cafe destination experience!

    From 70+ concessions spread over 2 floors and 10,000 sq.ft., The Malt House Emporium is crammed full of interesting antiques, fabulous vintage clothes, beautiful home decor, collectables, cards, gifts, and much, much more. It’s fabulous!!



    A delicious lunch

    And then, as we’d shopped our hearts out, we went into the cafe in search for lunch. The cafe is so lovely. Cute decor, nice little corners, a great menu, and top class service. What more could we possibly ask for?

    We ordered a couple of vegan soups – one chunky mushroom and one tomato and basil, both absolutely delicious!



    A great destination

    For both the shopping experience and the great lunch, we’ll be back again for absolute certain. Check it out… The Malt House Emporium is worth the drive from anywhere in the Cotswolds and beyond.