• Afternoon Tea at Burleigh Court

    Having had as many afternoon teas in the Cotswolds as we have, you’d think they might start to seem very similar when looking back at them (it is tea, sandwiches, scones and cakes after all) but you’d be wrong. Because while the tea, sandwiches, scones and cakes sometimes are very similar to what we’ve had before, that’s not a bad thing, that just means it’s a tried and tested “formula” and one that always works… but the experience and the surroundings are never the same, and that’s such a big part of the enjoyment of an afternoon tea.

    One of the best ever

    So what was Afternoon Tea at Burleigh Court like then? It was one of the best we’ve ever had! The sandwiches were delicious, the scones were just right and the wonderfully scrummy top tier of delights was…. well, delightful! It was perfect.

    A really lovely space

    The lounge where afternoon tea is served at Burleigh Court Hotel, is absolutely lovely. We were seated in two soft, deep armchairs, our backs to one corner so we had the beautiful room in full view. Service was genuine and very friendly, the music playing was as just the right volume and exactly the right kind of be the soundtrack for a relaxed experience, the décor and the furniture is beautiful and chosen, I’m sure, to be a nice and calm setting. A really lovely space.

    The most memorable experience

    So the culinary, sweet treats, the setting, the service and the calm atmosphere was all so perfect and put together it offered us one of the most wonderful, the most relaxing and the most memorable afternoon tea experience we’ve had in the Cotswolds.

    And then we left!

    We stayed over at Burleigh Court and the afternoon tea was a lovely way to kick off our overnight stay. So when we had eaten as much of all the delicious sweet treats as one possibly can in one sitting, which was half the sandwiches, both scones and a couple of the cakes, we did something I love to do when an afternoon tea is part of an overnight stay….. we left!

    We left the cosy surroundings of the lounge before we were finished! We had spent a couple of hours taking in the ceremony, enjoying the slow food experience, chatting, laughing and having a wonderful time, and then we asked to have the sandwiches and cakes that was still left on the 3 tiers boxed up so we could take them to our room to enjoy later.

    Stuffed and content

    Completely stuffed and content, we left the sweet leftovers in our room and went off to explore and do some shopping in Stroud. As it was unbelievably cold, wet, windy and a bit wild in the weather, we spent only an hour or so in this super Cotswold town… we will be back again later on in Spring or Summer where can properly appreciate Bohemian Stroud with everything it has to offer (so watch this space!).

    The gift that kept on giving

    We went back to Burleigh Court to enjoy an afternoon of pure relaxation, feet up, another cuppa and the leftover delights. I love it when we can do that… and no better place than our wonderful room at Burleigh Court to do that, because no matter what room you stay in, you have the most stunning views of the South Cotswolds countryside, valleys, villages and woods. It is breath-taking and completely perfect! So our afternoon tea experience at Burleigh Court was the gift that kept on giving for us. We thoroughly enjoyed it… we know you will too.