• Foraging Day at Heath Farm

    Have you ever wondered about the edible treasures hidden beneath our feet? Heath Farm invites you on a culinary adventure – their foraging workshops reveal the fascinating world of wild foods that surround us.



    Unlock Nature’s Hidden Pantry

    Led by knowledgeable guides, you’ll venture into fields and hedgerows, learning to identify a surprising array of wild herbs, berries, and greens. Discover the subtle flavours and rich histories of plants often overlooked or misunderstood – nature’s secret larder awaits!

    On the day, you will be looking for the wild fruits, herbs, mushrooms and plants that are all around the woods by Heath Farm, and teaching you key identification features/preferred habitats to give a good introduction to foraging for your own wild food journey going forwards.


    Beyond Identification: Preparation & Appreciation

    This isn’t merely identification; it’s a journey to a deeper relationship with food. Your guides will explain safe harvesting practices, as well as tips on preparing your foraged finds. Imagine incorporating wild garlic into a pesto, elderflower into a refreshing cordial, or autumn berries into a delicious crumble.



    Connect with Nature and Tradition

    At Heath Farm, foraging is a celebration of both nature and heritage. You’ll tap into centuries-old wisdom, recognising the land as a generous source of nourishment. Disconnect from the hustle of everyday life and reawaken your sense of wonder for what grows all around us.

    At lunchtime, you will enjoy a picnic buffet style lunch of foraged makes and bakes brought along by your host, to show how easy it can be to incorporate your finds into everyday meals and cooking and enjoy the natural spring water and wild cordials on the farm to cool off after our forage.

    For the brave, there will also be the opportunity to do some wild swimming in the lake.



    A Fun and Rewarding Experience

    Heath Farm’s foraging workshops are perfect for everyone – curious foodies, nature enthusiasts, or those seeking a unique way to spend time outdoors. You’ll leave with newfound knowledge, skills, and perhaps even ingredients for your next delicious meal.


    Join the Adventure

    Explore upcoming workshop dates and sign up for your unforgettable foraging experience at Heath Farm. Visit www.heathfarm.com/forage/ and embrace the joy of discovering nature’s bountiful offerings.