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    The Butcher’s Social – Bar & Restaurant

    The sign outside of this wonderful eatery says “The Butcher’s Social – Bar & Restaurant”. Now, we really like the idea of a good ‘bar slash restaurant’, but there aren’t many that get that particular combo right, so while we’re hopeful as we enter The Butcher’s Social, we don’t hold our breath. But we should have done! Because what an incredibly awesome ‘Bar & Restaurant’ combo this is, and right in the centre of the truly lovely Henley-in-Arden!



    We were visiting Henley-in-Arden on a wet and cool December Saturday evening, and as we entered through the front doors, we found ourselves right in the middle of a super-cool, buzzing bar area, full of happy people eating, drinking, laughing, talking and having a wonderful time. We had seen pictures of the restaurant area before this evening, so momentarily we were wondering whether we might be in the wrong place, because what we were expecting was a trendy restaurant with dimmed lights and an amazing set of lights in the ceiling in the centre of the room, but that’s not what we saw here. We went further in and even if we fancied staying in the bar area to take part in all the eating, talking, drinking and happy here, we kept going and at the other end of the building, we saw what we had come for.


    An amazing restaurant

    The restaurant part of The Butcher’s Social is set slightly back from the rest, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less of a buzz, perhaps just a slightly classier and toned down buzz, but not by much. This restaurant is fabulous. We loved the décor, the relaxed atmosphere, the slightly dimmed lighting and the friendly vibe the emanated from both our fellow diners and the super-professional and lovely staff.



    We were seated and as we had already decided we would go for the mouth-watering tasting menu created by owner and Head Chef, Mike Bullard, we were served drinks and the feast began.

    And a feast it was. Eight unbelievably delicious courses, each one as delicious as the next, and each one prepared with love and care for process and seasonal produce, and with end result and dining experience in mind. We can’t possibly recommend Mike Bullard’s culinary delights enough, but we will tell you this much: We will be back, again and again. We already have a date set to come one evening and try dining in the bar… did we mention the salted caramel chicken wings? No? Well, we had a taster of them in our seasonal canapes and they’re first on the list of what we’re going back for.. Oh. Wow. Just. Wow!


    The menu at The Butcher’s Social changes every two weeks. Our tasting menu looked like this:

    Selection of seasonal canapes.

    Amuse Bouche – Heritage Tomato, Almonds, Lardo, Olive Oil.

    Wild Duck Breast, BBQ Celeriac, Pumpkin Seeds, Pine Fir Oil, Wood Sorrel.

    Isle of Sky Scallop with Shiso, Pak Choi, Green Apple, Caviar & Darjeeling Broth.

    Wild Venison Loin, Smoked Parmasan Yoghurt, Kale, Blackberries, Rosti Potato, Port Jus.

    Monkfish & Crab Katsu Curry, Crispy Shallots, Sliced Mushrooms & Peanuts.

    Pre Dessert – Spiced Mascarpone Ice Cream, Hazelnuts.

    Dark Chocolate & Whisky Cremeaux, Whiskey Ice Cream, Espresso & Caramel.

    See more on www.thebutchers.social.