• The prettiest snowdrop displays in the Cotswolds

    As winter’s icy grip starts to loosen, a delicate magic awakens in the Cotswolds. Tiny white trumpets rise from the soil, heralding the arrival of spring and starts to paint a carpet of pure enchantment: Snowdrops. 

    And if you’re seeking the perfect spots to witness this ephemeral beauty, here’s your guide to the Cotswolds’ most captivating snowdrop spots:

    Batsford Arboretum

    As winter loosens its grip across Gloucestershire, a delicate rebellion unfurls at Batsford Arboretum near Moreton-in-Marsh. Here, nestled amidst the 56-acre tapestry of trees and shrubs, one of the Cotswold’s most captivating snowdrop spectacles awaits. From late January to February, the arboretum blossoms with life, as countless snowdrops, meticulously nurtured by Batsford’s expert gardeners, paint the winter canvas with a breathtaking display of pure white.


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    But the magic doesn’t stop there. Early daffodils peek out with sunny smiles, adding splashes of gold to the scene. Vibrant aconites bring their cheerful yellow dance, while pastel cyclamen and fragrant daphnes add their unique charm to the spring palette. Each step along the winding paths reveals a new burst of color, a fresh whisper of the season to come. So, ditch the winter blues and immerse yourself in Batsford’s enchanting tapestry of spring; it’s a feast for the eyes and a balm for the soul.


    Colesbourne Park

    Renowned as “England’s Greatest Snowdrop Garden,” this majestic estate offers sprawling landscapes dotted with a staggering 200 varieties of snowdrops. Capture the sun-kissed blooms cascading down hillsides or framed by ancient trees, each photo a testament to nature’s artistry.


    Cerney House Gardens

    Seek serenity amidst this wonderful family-run garden. Sit by the babbling brook, surrounded by a sea of snowdrops, and indulge in a delightful afternoon tea. Picture freshly baked scones and clotted cream, enjoyed under the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees. Cerney House Gardens isn’t your standard country house affair.


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    This family-run haven weaves together the elegance of a Victorian walled garden with the vibrant buzz of organic practices. Roam through sprawling parkland and woodlands, encounter a bountiful kitchen garden and orchard, and lose yourself in the fragrant embrace of a culinary and medicinal herb garden. A vibrant wildflower bank adds a splash of color, while a 19th-century conservatory whispers tales of horticultural heritage. At Cerney, every corner bursts with a story, inviting you to explore, indulge, and discover the beauty of nature cultivated with both tradition and passion.


    Cowley Manor

    Off the beaten path, this enchanting manor house hotel in the Cotswolds unveils a treasure trove of snowdrops hidden in its enormous gardens. Explore the full extent of the gardens and you will find that each corner reveals a new pocket of delicate, natural beauty.


    Upton Wold Gardens

    Nestled within the tranquil grounds of Upton Wold Gardens, a subtle shift is underway. Tiny snowdrops, their heads bowed like miniature bells, have begun their annual emergence.


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    Look for these early bloomers near woodland edges and in secluded corners, carpeting the ground in a delicate blanket of white. Their pristine blooms offer a delightful counterpoint to the lingering winter chill, hinting at the approaching spring beauty soon to paint the gardens. 


    Painswick Rococo Garden

    Duck beneath whimsical topiary and meander along moss-dappled paths in this hidden Cotswolds gem. Here, snowdrops erupt from woodland floors, transforming the space into a fairytale land. Keep your eyes peeled for playful blooms peeking from beneath ancient tree roots and nestled in weathered stone crevices.


    Dyrham Park

    Step into a scene from Downton Abbey at Dyrham Park. Graceful snowdrops adorn the formal gardens, adding a touch of delicate charm to the manicured lawns and sculpted hedges. Venture beyond the grand terraces and into hidden woodlands, where snowdrops weave their magic amongst ancient oaks and secluded streams.

    Nestled amidst 250 acres of idyllic parkland, eight miles north of Bath, lies Dyrham Park. During January and February, the estate erupts in a charming display of snowdrops. These delicate blooms emerge in delightful clusters across the landscaped terraces, nestled near the stately house, and even peek out within the charming gardens. But Dyrham’s magic extends beyond flora – keep your eyes peeled for graceful deer roaming the park, perhaps even capturing a photogenic encounter between snowdrop and stag.


    Newark Park

    Lace up your boots and breathe in the invigorating Cotswolds air. Hike through rolling hills and discover hidden paths dotted with snowdrops, their crisp white petals gleaming against the verdant expanse. Look for where they mingle with fragrant violets, creating a delightful tapestry of spring hues. Pack a picnic and find a sun-dappled clearing – the perfect spot to soak in the breathtaking panorama.


    Rodmarton Manor

    Be dazzled by a rainbow of snowdrops at Rodmarton Manor. With over 150 unique species bursting forth, this haven for snowdrop enthusiasts promises a vibrant display. Marvel at the subtle differences in size, shape, and shade, from pure whites to blushing pinks and even playful greens. Ask the knowledgeable staff about lesser-known varieties and discover the fascinating world of these delicate spring treasures.


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    Museum in the Park, Cheltenham

    Escape the bustle of Cheltenham and find a hidden paradise within its heart. Victorian gardens bloom anew with carpets of snowdrops, offering a serene sanctuary from the urban clamor. Wander along winding paths, breathe in the sweet scent of early spring, and let the gentle quietude wash over you. This urban oasis is the perfect spot for a contemplative respite or a charming picnic date.


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    Remember, snowdrops are fleeting dancers, their show lasting from late January to early March. So, pack your boots, grab your camera, and chase the delicate magic of these white wonders, and let the Cotswolds captivate you with their snowdrop displays.