• Our Day at The Big Feastival

    the big feastival kingham cotswolds

    FANTASTIC FAMILY FUN – The Big Feastival offers lots of things for families with children of all ages. When you first enter the festival grounds, the main children’s attractions are right there for all the kids to get excited about:

    A Helter Skelter, a swing carousel, trampolines, Adam Henson’s Cotswold Farm Park with animal handling, helium balloon animals, super fun bubbles galore and so much more. From the first minute you’re there, the kids are loving it!

    We went to The Big Feastival with our two children alongside 3 other couples who also brought their kids. And we’ll just share this with you straight away: We had the most fabulous time, all of us. Roll on The Big Feastival 2015, we will be there for sure, glamping and all!

    The Feel Good Factor throughout this festival of good food and good music is quite simply unrivalled. We had a magical time as a family and with good friends to share it with, our day at The Big Feastival is a day we will remember for a very long time.

    ~Mette Poynton, Cotswolds Concierge.

    The Big Feastival in the Cotswolds

    A CULINARY EXPERIENCE – At any other festival, the food will be a secondary product, only there to compliment the musical acts… well, not so at The Big Feastival! The food experience plays just as big a part as the music and while the music fills the air everywhere, so does the amazing foodie aroma throughout the entire festival.

    GOOD VIBRATIONS – When you walk around the festival, there are such “good vibrations” all around… that super overall feeling you get from fellow visitors, entertainers and businesses coming together and having a good time.

    LUXURY AND STREET FOOD – At one point during The Big Feastival, we lost all the men! About an hour later, we found them having had a fantastic time at the DOOM BAR. This bar and many others, were little oases of luxury and relaxation. And alongside the luxury, were the stands serving gorgeous street foods, full of flavour, just a pizza or a falafel full of goodness and the best ingredients.

    LET’S NOT FORGET THE MUSIC – As we went to The Big Feastival with two 5-year-olds, the music wasn’t our first priority and it didn’t play a big part in our day. All day we could hear all the FAB music played on the main stage and we did go see the FANTASTIC Justin Fletcher, of course. Also, there was some (for the kids) embarrassing moments when mummy sang her heart out to Mark Owen (!), but other than some mild embarrassment, the music was top class “background noise” to a great day!

    cotswold farm park the big feastival adam henson cotswoldsCOTSWOLD FARM PARK – A special mention must go to Adam Henson and his popular Cotswolds attraction, Cotswold Farm Park. In the Cotswold Farm Park tent, kids get up close and personal with the wonderful animals of the park. Visitors from far away get a taster of a fantastic Cotswolds attraction, the locals get to experience it once more.

    SAFETY FIRST – At the gate, kids are given wristbands with room for your phone-number so, in case your they get lost, you can be phoned straight away. This is an excellent system and just what parents need.

    We’re so proud to have The Cotswolds be the backdrop for what can only be described as the best family festival out there. Thank You to Alex James and Jamie Oliver for putting their heads together and dreaming up this fantastic day out in the name for Good Food, Good Music and Good Family Fun!