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    chipping norton town hall cotswoldsChipping Norton is a wonderful Cotswold market town and a great place to spend some time when you visit the Cotswolds. It’s a bustling and lively town with a great community spirit among shop- and restaurant owners who will all be happy to point a visitor in the right direction, suggest a great place to go or just offer a friendly chat.

    The history of the hillside town of Chipping Norton is abundant; from St. Mary’s Church being the epicentre for the Cotswold wool trade, to providing the western slopes for a Norman castle landmark, and it was even given a royal charter by King John in 1205 – Chipping Norton isn’t short of fabulous places to go and things to see for the visiting people.

    chipping norton bliss tweed mill cotswoldsThe word ‘Chipping’ is derived from ceapen, a longstanding English word meaning market. An alternate meaning comes from medieval word chepygne, meaning long market square. Chipping Norton and nearby Chipping Campden and Chipping Sodbury, are host to market squares that are full of unexpected things to discover.

    Dating back to the 13th century, there has never been a question of what to do in Chipping Norton – you go to the market. And that’s really no different than today. The town is lined with antique shops, cafes, gift shops, clothes shops and there are some really great restaurants in Chipping Norton like Wild Thyme in the centre of the town and The Red Leion in Long Compton, a few minutes from the town. You will even find local treasure in The Chipping Norton Theatre, famous for its pantomime performances; and the annual Chipping Norton Music Festival and Literary Festival are not to be missed.

    Chipping Norton in the Cotswolds

    Among the hills of Oxfordshire Cotswolds, Chipping Norton is the perfect place for a visit when you holiday in the cotswolds. Whether you are out and about and basking in the sun on those lovely Cotswold summer days or enjoying afternoon tea, tasting the hops of a pint in a pub or even wandering the countryside, Chipping Norton will excite, entertain, and distract you from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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