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    Cotswolds, United Kingdom

    For that perfect wedding or event where children are invited, offer them a Pedal Car Party and you’ll be a hit with both children and parents. Everything you need to create a fun filled Pedal Car Party for the children at your wedding or event, is delivered straight to your venue and set up for you, all you have to do is supply children and a few minders.

    High quality metal pedal and ride-on cars come with a petrol pump, mini traffic lights, road signs and cones and decorations for the complete effect! All this delivered to a venue of your choice – your home, village hall, hotel, marquee, garden or outdoor event.

    OUR HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION – We had the great pleasure of inviting the Pedal Cars into our lives one afternoon in July for our children’s 5th birthday party… it was an incredible experience! Our two 5-year-olds, Matthew and Noelle, along with 20 other children from 2 to 6 years old, had the most incredible couple of hours playing with these lovely cars. They get our highest recommendation ever.

    MINIMAL SUPERVISION – When you offer children from 2 to 6 a couple of hours of play in the pedal cars, very little supervision or adult involvement is required. Of course a responsible adult needs to be present, but with the many accessories, like the petrol station, the garage tent, the traffic lights, signs and cones, the kids will, with their imagination, create their own fun for hours and hours.

    BOYS AND GIRLS – Traditionally cars are “boy’s toys”, but not so with the Pedal Cars. Girls love the Pedal Cars as much as the boys do and boys and girls play well together. Matthew and Noelle, our 5-year-old twins, had an incredible birthday party with the Pedal Cars. Boys as well as girls amongst their friends and friends’ siblings loved the fun the cars provided. All the children made their own games and no help or intervention from grown-ups were needed at any time during the party.

    ~Mette Poynton, Cotswolds Concierge.

    Hire Pedal Car Party’s fleet of children’s vintage-style pedal cars and create a party or event to remember!

    Pedal Car Party’s team deliver everything to your venue: high quality metal pedal and ride-on cars, a petrol pump, mini traffic lights, road signs and cones and decorations for the complete effect. All delivered to a venue of your choice – your home, a village hall, marquee, country house hotel or outdoor wedding or event.

    GOOD OLD FASHIONED FUN – Like the magic times children have in a garden playing with sticks and leaves on a summer’s day, so are the parties with the beautiful pedal cars.

    The children create their own fun games when offered the setting and the cars, and hours of magical and good old fashioned fun is created by the kids themselves.

    The cars have solid rubber tyres, so hard, level surfaces like wooden floors, concrete or carpets are easiest to pedal on. However, a nice, flat lawn is also good if level and nicely trimmed.

    A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY – Pedal Car Parties is an amazing business as well as being fun entertainment for children at a party, wedding or event. If you’re interested in heading up your own business, the pedal cars franchise might be for you. Contact them for a franchise pack.

    Cotswolds, United Kingdom

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