• Memorable Stay at Burleigh Court in the Cotswolds

    March, 2020: Our wonderful, relaxing and luxurious overnight stay at Burleigh Court in the South Cotswolds.

    We had never been to Burleigh Court. We had only seen pictures so we had a fair idea that what we were in for was a lovely, relaxing overnight stay in a beautiful Cotswold countryside hotel, but when we arrived, we did so with a hope that we were simply in for a lovely Cotswold-style treat. And we were… that and much, much more.



    Great Staff Make Great Hotels

    I’ve said it before, will happily say it again and again: Great staff make great hotels. And at Burleigh Court, the staff was absolutely wonderful and lifted what all on its own is beautiful surroundings, a great culinary offering and wonderful décor throughout, to whole new levels. We were greeted warmly, served with smiles, chatted to in the most friendly manners and generally treated like one of the family by staff throughout our stay. Just wonderful.


    Breath-taking Views

    As we arrived, we were checked in to a lovely room. But as lovely and spacious and perfect as the room was, it was nothing compared to the breath-taking views from the windows. As Burleigh Court is on a hillside in Minchinhampton, through one window we had the view of the terrace and some of the most beautiful trees in the foreground and of several little villages and hills further afield. Stunning. Out of the other window we have more trees, greenery and hills and fields as far as the eye could see. We would have been happy to just lie on the bed, say nothing and look out of the windows all afternoon until darkness came….. but as all good things must come to an end, we replaced the wonderful view with an equally wonderful afternoon tea downstairs.



    Watching The Weather

    On this chilly, wet day in late February, we had all kinds of weather. At times we enjoyed beautiful sunshine of the kind that warm you a little and give you an early taster of what Spring will bring more of soon. We had rain, we had blistery winds, we even had a hail storm as backdrop to our afternoon tea in the lounge. It was spectacular.. to watch, that is! Which we, luckily, could do from the comfort of two soft armchairs and a delicious afternoon tea.

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    A Cosy and Delicious Afternoon Tea


    After a couple of hours for afternoon tea in the lounge, we decided to brave the weather and go for a little drive. We ended up in neighbouring Stroud, which was absolutely lovely, even on a day where we had to hop and skip to avoid the rain and ended up visiting almost every shop in town to take cover. It turns out that’s a great way to really experience a town as it got us into some shops we might not have visited otherwise… Stroud is wonderfully Bohemian and has a truly eclectic variety of shops, all adding to the experience and making a trip here more exciting than most High Streets. We’re looking forward to coming back again on a sunny day.


    The Afternoon Snooze

    Back at Burleigh Court it was time for an afternoon snooze….. don’t you love that? An afternoon snooze has to be one of our favourite things to do on a relaxing Saturday. So we snoozed and then we get ourselves ready for the feast that was waiting for us downstairs in the cosy restaurant. Greeted warmly, we were seated in the centre of this beautiful, dimly lit restaurant. The menu was amazing… it was so hard to choose as everything looked completely wonderful.

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    The Perfect Dinner Experience

    Our dinner at Burleigh Court was a most memorable one. From the incredibly delicious food to the cosy and warm atmosphere, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We enjoyed our evening here and stayed so long that we were the last diners standing (or sitting, as it were). We had the Baked Celeriac Fondant and the Scallops to start. The Chicken and the Duck mains. And Ice Cream and Chocolate Fondant as the sweetest finish. Then we finished our drinks and coffees back in the cosy lounge where we had our afternoon tea hours earlier. The perfect dinner experience.



    An Outrageous Breakfast

    I’ve said it before, I absolutely LOVE a hotel breakfast and I always look forward to breakfast when we’re staying over in a lovely hotel, as it’s a great excuse to be completely outrageous in my choice of breakfast dish… so it will surprise nobody that I went for the French toast with bacon and maple syrup… I LOVE bacon and maple syrup! The breakfast at Burleigh Court was fantastic, the French Toast was fantastic, and as with the rest of our stay, the service was second to none. The perfect end to the perfect overnight stay in the Cotswolds.


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